Advanced Tek Group, Inc To Go Public

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Advanced Tek Group, Inc is preparing to go public under Regulation A+. ATG anticipates raising $50M. Use of proceeds will be used to roll up the fragmented industry of supplier to military contractors. Ramy El Batrawi is a majority holder, though his holding company X, LLC. With Mr. El-Batrawi’s 35 years of negotiation skills, he is well suited to accomplish the roll up of approximately 40 competitors within a year’s time.

About ATG

ATG manufactures components that are needed for power systems, communication systems and control systems for various Aircrafts, Missiles, Torpedoes, radars, ships, guided bombs, nuclear weapons, satellites, launch vehicles, space crafts, ground systems, medical equipment to name a few.

These systems had to be of exceptional quality, reliability and produced to completely traceable materials, quality systems and trained workers. There was no room for an error on a launched missile, satellite or a combat aircraft.
ATG supplies various branches of US armed forces with exceptional quality components. Guidance and Control equipment of Nuclear Missiles in underground silos, Cruise missiles on ships, Patriot Missiles on anti-missile stations, AMRAAM missile on fighter jets to Hellfire missiles on Drones all use ATG parts. Display systems, firing mechanisms of Fighter jets like F15 to F35, support aircrafts like AWACS, C130s, Attack Helicopters, Radars, Radios, Navy ships to submarines, tanks to guns, there is practically no weapon system that does not use ATG parts.

Over the years ATG branched out into commercial nonmilitary aviation, communication satellites, international space station, power amplifiers, motor generator control, welding equipment, Tasers, night vision goggles etc. Oil drilling equipment makers, fluid control valve manufacturers also use ATG parts. Smallest of these parts will sit 4 on a nail of a pinky finger to largest one hardly fitting in a pickup truck.

Single minded focus on designing very difficult items to design and manufacture, ATG has been unaffected by trend of outsourcing manufacturing by US companies and for nonmilitary very high quality and difficult to manufacture parts had set up it’s own fully owned Manufacturing facility in Tecate, Mexico in 1986 under maquiladora programs before NAFTA was even envisioned and thus would not be impacted by any changes that might come about in NAFTA agreements.

ATG has US Government approved Manufacturing License to Manufacture even Military parts in it’s wholly owned facility in Mexico.

Due to the unique nature of product ATG makes, it has become sole source on thousands of parts, meaning customers cannot buy these products from anyone but ATG giving it exceptional pricing power. As large companies have cut back on research and development, qualifying new suppliers is very expensive and un practical.

ATG parts are used for repair and maintenance of aircafts all over the world by various airforces and airlines giving it a very reliable source of revenue from parts that have already been designed and proven to be manufacturable in a profitable way. So pervasive is the position of ATG is with some of these divisions that 85% or more of their needs are met by ATG and no other supplier is qualified.

ATG customers have frequently commented that in case it is unable to supply parts, there could be industry wide disruptions lasting up to couple of years or more.

Key to success of ATG has been it’s people. Top employees each have an experience of over 30 years in this field, even in today’s world of worker turn over ATG prides itself in retaining most of it’s employees till they choose to retire.
Present group of management is led by Gogi Sidhu who has been associated with ATG since 1989 and bought the company in 1994 most other key managers have been with him since 1994 too. There is extensive cross training to allow for overlap of abilities to cover for each of key manager’s functions by another.

ATG’s Mission has been to design and manufacture highest quality, most reliable, components to be delivered on time at a cost that helps our customers to compete with their competition.

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