Advantages Of Keeping Pets

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Keeping pets is becoming more and more popular in every household. Pets offer many advantages such as providing people with companionship, house security and enhancing nice behavior among children.

Pets give you companionship

When you are tired of stress from work, pets can encourage you to go out for a walk to release stress or play with you in the garden. Pets bring you some moments of relaxation and mind refreshment, which makes you never feel lonely even when you live with no one.

It is obvious that pets can create new attitudes towards life for people, particularly for the disabled and withdrawn who are always not confident in communicating or taking part in social activities. By keeping pets, they may become more sociable, open and approachable because they can interact, “communicate” and play with their pets.

Due to the advantages it offers, keeping pets becomes a popular, especially in Eastern countries, for the older generation, who often live far from their children. In these situations, pets are truly their close friends, helping them remove the feeling of emptiness and loneliness. The companionship of pets may meet some basic human needs, which is not easily explained in theory but is believed by most people.

Pets guard houses and save people’s lives.

In many cases, people choose to keep dogs for their home security. The houses will become safer because strangers might be scared that they will be attacked by the animals inside. When you are out and you leave your house empty, you do not have to worry that burglars may break into the house and take away valuable assets even when you return home at mid night.

If there is any intruder or strange persons around your house, dogs will bark loudly, making a noise to frighten the stranger and give you a warning. Pets can protect not only the assets but also save people’s lives. Dogs and sometimes cats can attack the burglars to protect the owners in case they are harmed. Many owners can stay alive due to the protection from the dogs they keep in their houses.

Pets enhance nice behavior among children

Researchers showed that children who usually play with pets can behave nicely and become more caring. Playing with pets and learning how to treat them with love may help uncommunicative children be agile and affable, which is important for their growth in the distant future.

Kids sometimes find no interest in getting outside, but they may alter their decisions immediately if they see that they can take a cat or a dog along. Teenagers, whose parents are too busy to spend time with them, sometimes have to face with bland lives and loneliness. In these scenarios, they consider pets to be their alter ego who they can play and talk with, which can solve some kind of emotional problems that children are vulnerable to get. It is believed that teaching kids to treat kittens and puppies with care and kindness is of great importance for forming their behaviors and characteristics.

To sum up, keeping pets is not merely a habit but is one way of relaxation and amusement. Moreover, keeping pets does not only guard your house but also fulfills some basic mental human needs.

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