Air Travel With Kids – 3 Useful Tips To Relaxing While Traveling With Your Kids

January 10, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Kids and Teens

It is all to easy for a holiday with children to feel more like a relocation than an actual rest. Holidays should be, and can be, about having a fun and relaxing time.

Having a good flight is essential to a parent’s mental health. There is little worse than arriving at your destination wishing you had stayed at home, and knowing that you have it all to come again on the return journey.

Below are our vital tips to not only survive, but also to enjoy your air travel with kids.

1. Organization Is Key – If you are stressed then you are more likely to get stressed with the kids. Great organization will reduce your stress levels. It is worth investing in a suitable bag. You will need to be able to easily access anything you need whether it is passports, tickets or snacks. A good organizer bag is worth its weight in gold.

2. Snack Food – Only pack snack food which are you sure will be a success. Take a range of foods. You will need some bribery foods, sweets or candy (consider choosing something which will last a little while such as a lollipop). You will also need some protein foods, no child can be happy if they are hungry and there is nothing better than protein to keep hunger at bay. Finally you will need something, such as crackers, which they can eat plenty of without making themselves feel sick.

3. How To Entertain The Kids – It is easy to take a favorite toy to keep a child happy, but if you loose it or it gets damaged you are in for a nightmare. A simple solution is to buy a toy and give it to them on the journey. An extra trick is to wrap it up and then say that they will get a little present on the plane if they are good in the airport. Remember not to choose a present with lots of parts as bits can roll under seats and get lost.

If you consider that your holiday starts when you get up on the morning of travel and try to be in the holiday mood you will probably find the day easier. If you see the journey as tedious then the children will also do so and they will not make the same sort of effort to enjoy it.

Finally, keep your expectations realistic. If you get through your air travel with the kids and there has been no shouting, no vomiting and minimal tears then you should consider this a success flight.

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