Are Your Cosmetics Dangerous? Use Safe Cosmetics.

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Would you assume that the cosmetics, or perhaps the cosmetics that your daughter uses, would be safe to use. It would seem reasonable to make that assumption. We should all be able to assume that the government would protect us from dangerous products like dangerous cosmetics. Sadly it doesn’t, and you need to source safe cosmetics so you’re not taking a risk with your health. Are you using safe cosmetics?

Sadly no. Neither the government or the major cosmetics companies take steps to ensure that our cosmetics are safe, and as a result there is a whole range of dangerous cosmetics and skin care products on the market which contain dangerous ingredients including lead, 1,4-dioxane and paraben.

Doesn’t the FDA do something about this? Sadly again, no. The FDA does not test or examine cosmetic products to establish that they are safe for human use and don’t contain harmful ingredients, and even admit to this on the FDA website. The government does not act in our best interests by ensuring that the cosmetics that millions of American women use every single day are safe to use, and as a result we have dangerous cosmetics on the shelves of our major department stores.

This situation has even spawned whole organizations committed to pressuring government and industry to use only proven safe ingredients in their products. The primary organization is called the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics.

But the government isn’t listening to the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics, and the cosmetics companies aren’t either. And so there is nothing being done to raise the safety of those blushes, mascaras, eye shadows, lipsticks, bronzers and more that US women use daily, not realizing that they may be damaging their health.

Here’s just 2 examples but there’s lots.

The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics did some tests of major big brand name lipsticks back in 2007. The results were amazing. Over 50% of the big brand name lipsticks including brands you may well use now contained lead. Over 50%! And that includes some of the biggest names in lipsticks.

Back in 2002 laboratory tests found Phthalates in the majority of 72 different common big brand beauty, personal care and body products, including cosmetics, that most American women take for granted. This includes products from Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Revlon. Phthalates are industrial chemicals linked to birth defects and abnormalities in male reproductive organs.

And this includes such common and everyday products like shampoos and toothpastes.

Despite the fact that Phthalates weren’t listed on the labels they were found in 52 of 72 products tested.

Scary isn’t it?

So should you just swear off cosmetics? No not at all. There are excellent and safe cosmetics available but they aren’t made by the big brand names and aren’t found on the shelves of your local store. They are made by companies that are prepared to evidence their commitment to making safe cosmetics. They have signed a pledge on the website of the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics evidencing their commitment to making cosmetics using only ingredients known to be safe.

But it’s unlikely you’ve ever heard of these small niche cosmetics companies, because they don’t advertise on TV. But their products are top quality, and safe.

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