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Do not let your worry that you are not a professional writer prevent you from using article marketing, one of the most reliable ways of increasing web site traffic.You are not writing articles to be graded on like a college exam, you are looking to learn to implement an article submission strategy to start creating profits online.

Article marketing involves the distribution of your articles to various directories and article submission sites. It aims to provide online users the information they need; in return you get the chance to convince them to visit your website through your resource box.

Provide good quality, highly relevant content and you’ll be helping the search engines, and in turn, you’ll gain legitimate back links, your readers will be able to easily find you, and you’ll be able to maintain a long term presence online.

Create a call to action in your article that will encourage article readers to click on the link in your bio or resource box that will take them to your desired web page

Produce more articles. Writing and submitting more articles can bring so much benefits to your ebusiness. Aside from strengthening your expert status online (because you provide more information to your readers) you also get to boost the number of your inbound links.

As you know, when there are several websites that link to you, search engines will see your web page as a valuable source of information and they will most likely to rank it higher. This will make your website highly visible on search page results that can truly help in driving quality traffic to your website.

Have a well written and enticing resource box. You can have the best article in the world but if your resource box does not engage and pull in the reader you lose.

Make your resource box work for you. To easily increase your conversion rate, make sure that your resource box has the ability to persuade your readers to visit on your website. Use a compelling call to action, attention-grabbing elevator pitch, and offer some valuable incentives.

If you can write you should use article marketing to increase your online sales. Its one of the best ways to bring visitors to your website and increase sales


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