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The internet is made up of links, information, comments and articles. People all over the world are looking for the latest news, business and economy and reviews that is basically the opinions and expressions of journalists and specialists that we find the world over. It is really amazing when we consider that we can from every corner of the world produce information and content that can be consumed by anyone anywhere in the world. Business and finance are the things that really keep the world turning and the more information, news and comment that we can share between each other, the better decisions we can all make.

Some of us are more concerned with business and finance and in knowing what is happening with all the different types of business that we find all over the world. On the other hand we see that other people are more concerned with politics and how the economy is underpinned by the wheeling and dealing by those in society who actually make everything happen with the power and influence that they possess.

With news and reviews the widespread use of the internet is it a truly great thing that almost anyone with a viewpoint and comment to make means that they can actually go ahead and use the power of the new technologies that we can all use in order to get our message out to the world at large. It is the quality of the news and reviews that we consume that drives our conversation and the opinions that we employ.

When it comes to businesses and understanding how they are so concerned with understanding how we think and go about our everyday lives, this includes our preferences in terms of where we will eventually spend our monies and as a consequence the marketers make sure that they are constantly tapping into our every move. With that said we see that with the widespread use of the internet the major corporations are making sure that they are keeping up to date with the very latest in the movements as far as the new technologies are concerned. This includes the increasing useage of the social networking sites and of the emergence and growth of what is termed Web 2.0.

As these new technologies continue to grow and more and more of use make use of the computer in order to communicate with our colleague, conduct our work, research and even to run our relationships ! We see that the news and reportings that are made via the internet is key in shaping individual lives and in essence groups of people and therefore society as a whole.

We are now able to publish our own thoughts, views, reviews and information freely and allow anyone anywhere in the world to consume the news no matter what the subject matter. As we continue to progress it will be interested to see how the thoughts and views of someone in one

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