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Book reviews, how to do a book review at Book-Spot

I have felt that it was an awesome responsibility providing a power house book review for an writer. As a reviewer you hold the fate of the book and the authors’ reputation in your hands, then so too is your reputation as someone that provides book reviews! This brings us to the question; how to do credibile book reviews at

There are a number of areas in reviewing a book; was the book a fast read or was it a boring reading? Did the story flow; with each piece of the story line building and fit into the rest of the book? Did the characters make sense? Were the authors’ words, words that would have been spoken at that time frame and place? Did the author describe the rooms with the right amount of information so the readers’ imagination could fill in the rest of the blanks or did the book go into such detail that it was just filling pages of useless information? Did the reader need to know that much about the character and what he/she looked like? Did it finsh the story? Then you must take into consideration the author’s punctuation. All of these points and more have to be thought about and taken into consideration when writing a book review. Last but by far not least take into consideration the author who worked hard on their master piece; a work of love.

Posting a book review at, go to the blog click “add a blog” then enter the title; I do suggest book reviews by your name and the book title by authors’ name. Write your book review; be sure to add an image of the book cover plus the complete URL to the authors’ book [http://authorsbook/] and your URL [http://bookreviewer/]. Select the category of the blog – book reviews and click submit and you’re done! Your book review then is feed into the news feed and rss feeds at book-spot so any one looking for a book review over the web will be able to find your reviews and that is how to submit book reviews at!

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