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January 10, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Travel and Leisure

Business travelers often travel without their spouse, but rarely without their luggage. Since airline companies are now thinking out of the box as they charge luggage fees, it is important to stay a step ahead by choosing the right luggage.

If you’re flying first class or business class, fees don’t usually apply…yet. But when it comes to smart and economical travel, business travelers need to be prepared for everything and what options they have at their disposal.

Due to the creativity of the airline industry, there is now a much wider variety of checked and carry on luggage. The smart business traveler travels light for a number of reasons including security, economy and mobility.

It’s important that the bags not only carry everything needed as compactly as possible but it must also be easily accessible for both the traveler and security. Depending on your business travel needs, you’re sure to find the right type of bag you need for your trip, whether shopping at a department store or online.

If you want to make sure you have everything with you, you can try getting yourself a rolling business case. These include a removable garment sleeve, computer case, a toiletry kit and ample room for other necessities. You can use these bags for leisure and business travel and enjoy utmost convenience. These bags also contain a garment sleeve which can fit about one or two suits – this is an ideal type of luggage for business trips lasting half a week.

Never check a bag that is meant to be carried on. Briefcases, tote bags, and garment covers are not built for airport security checking. These are excellent for carrying on items you don’t want to lose such as medications, prescriptions and keys. A tote bag, on the other hand, can be checked easily or carried on as well.

Is it necessary to have your laptop on the trip? If you don’t want to pack your laptop with the other luggage there are many case options depending on how safe you want to be. A lot of laptop cases protect your laptop from the elements, like air, dust and water, and prevent it from getting crushed or corroded. Colorful cases designed especially for women are also available.

If your bag is old, it may not withstand the demands of today’s automated carrying systems. Forget sentimental value – maybe you need something new. If you really have to bring fragile items and check them, you can do better by protecting them with hard, and not soft covers. Hangers or a dangling strap are a no-no.

Is rolling something that has to be done? This would depend largely on how light or heavy you plan to travel, and how much you can carry on. No doubt, wheels make carrying much easier for baggage to be checked.

Remember too, never leave your luggage unattended and at your destination claim your bags immediately.

Be aware of the size limits for carry on. The maximum dimensions for carry on luggage are 40 pounds and 45 linear inches maximum. Computing for the bag’s linear inch dimension is simple – just add the length, width, and height.

Business travelers are more concerned than ever about their luggage’s endurance, performance and style. A little pre-planning and judicious shopping for just the right luggage for your particular needs will go a long way toward an enjoyable and successful trip.

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