Buy Home Security For Protection Of Both Family And Property

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According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR) there were more than two million burglaries committed in 2008, which was an increase of two percent from 2007. These burglaries made up for more than twenty-two percent of all property crimes that were committed during the entire year. Reportings for 2009 are in the preliminary stages, but these statistics alone are a good reason to buy home security.

The definition of burglary comes from the UCR and is defined as unlawful entry into any structure in order to commit some type of felony or theft. There are also subclassifications related to the charge including entry when no force is used, attempted forcible entry and forcible entry. Structure can actually mean any type of a permanent dwelling belonging to a person other than an automobile.

When considering the purchase of a home security system, the benefits can be for the protection of not only personal belongings, but the safety of the family as well. Just the presence of a security system can be enough to deter the prospective criminal from entering. It actually reverts to an old saying from long ago, that locks are mainly to keep honest people honest.

Over sixty-one percent of the two million burglaries committed were forcible entries and thirty-two percent were unlawful entries. This means that in more than half of all the burglary cases, the family would benefit from the provided security of an alarms system in the home. Belonging are certainly not as important as family, but in most cases the personal property could have been protected also.

More than seventy percent of all the burglaries committed were residential and resulted in property loss. These burglaries have a loss totaling an average of two thousand dollars each with an combined total of over four million. The cost of a security system is considerably less than the price of one burglary.

A great option to protect both the family and home is to install a new security system. There are a large variety available and some have available monitoring so that home can be seen from anywhere at any time. No price can be put on the peace of mind knowing that both the home and family are protected in case of many different emergency situations. Be the home on the block that the burglar does not have time to take a chance on.

In order to protect your possessions from theft, you may want to buy home security systems. The best home security systems protect against intruders whether or not you are present.


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