Cheap Data Processing Made Easy By Choosing Of Netbook Computers

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One inexpensive option for those shopping for a new computer is to choose one of the many netbook computers now available. The concept of these small computers is not new; however, the technology to bring their prices down has increased their popularity.

You will not find many of the items in these computers that you would normally find in a notebook or desktop computer. The first thing you may miss is the optical reading device. Instead programs are downloaded from the internet or through a USB drive.

Some of the small computers do not include a traditional hard drive, but depend on a solid state memory device, much like the memory in a USB thumb drive. This type of memory is more resilient than a hard drive and is smaller in size and lighter in weight than the typical hard drive. The one drawback is that you will not find a typical 160 GB hard drive in these small computers but may only find a 32 GB memory.

If you find you need more memory than is included in the little computer, you can easily buy a 1 TB external hard drive that connects to your machine through a USB port. The normal cost for these drives is in the $ 100 price range.

Most netbooks also do not have a way to connect to a phone line for dial up internet connections. They must be connected through WiFi to the internet or they can be connected by use of a USB cable to a router.

Originally, these computers were sold with older versions of Windows or a Linux operating systems. The Windows operating systems were XP and Linux were little known systems. Today they are sold with the current operating systems used on other computers.

Prices on netbook computers began to fall around Christmas of 2008. As prices continue to fall, some will sell for under $ 175 on Black Friday of 2009.

The small size and weight of these computers makes the easy to carry either in a woman’s handbag or a man’s briefcase.

As more and more applications become web bases, the usefulness of netbook computers, even with their smaller memory continues to grow. Examples of the web based documents include many of the new features of Google, including Google Documents that can be stored online. Documents do not require hard drive space and can be accessed by anyone you give permission to access the files.

Netbooks are becoming very popular as a first computer. Their smaller size makes it easier for little hands to learn the keyboard and teens like the computers for the small size and convenient carrying. Online features give access to favorite online games, research and many other resources. When homework is prepared on the netbook, it can be printed on any printer that can be accessed through WiFi.

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