Check Out 5 Useful Suggestions About Choosing Reusable Shopping Bags

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More and more people are sympathetic to the idea that we must look after the planet for the sake of future generations. An easy to implement way of reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and cutting back on landfill waste is to leave off from using disposable bags and begin to use bags which can be re-used over and over. Here are some tips and suggestions to get you started.

Steer clear of the cheap or giveaway reuseable bags because they’re not made to last and before long you’ll need another one.. If you do take them, make sure you actually use them a number of times – 4 or 5 cheap reuseables used once a week for a year could divert about 500 plastic bags from becoming landfill. It’s hard to resist a freebie, I know, but you will do more environmental harm than good if you make a collection of freebie bags only to dispose of them unused. They take even longer to decompose than normal plastic bags because they are made of thicker material.

It’s a more cost effective option if you purchase a more expensive green bag which should give you over 2 years of use before wearing out. Think of the dozen or so cheapo/giveaway re-usable plastic bags and maybe a few thousand throw-away paper and plastic bags that you are going to keep out of landfill during those 2 years. A durable choice is to buy a reusable bag made out of biodegradable natural fibers such as hemp or jute.

Having a foldable lightweight recycled shopping bag on your person at all times means you won’t have to use a disposable plastic bag from the checkout when doing a last minute shop. It also gets you into the habit of using a recycled shopping bag.

Choose a green bag that is machine-washable because you will need to keep it clean. Using your bag to carry raw foods means that bacteria will invevitably transfer to the bag, especially on the inside. Fortunately, hand or machine washing will get rid of virtually all the bacteria.

Taking a hemp recycled bag into different sorts of shops may not appeal to you. They may look at home in a shopping mall but in a fashion boutique…..? Well, some manufacturers have latched onto this and produce a range designer type reusable bags for the discerning shopper. So now you are without excuse for not using a environmentally friendly shopping bag in all sorts of shopping environments – if you are comfortable with your bag then you are much more likely to use it often.

When you regularly use a grocery bag you make the planet a little less polluted one gradual step every time. The disposable plastic bags dumped into wasted disposal sites problem is huge but if lots of us begin to use green shopping bags then this combined effort can make big improvements.

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