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Reading is one of America’s biggest pastimes across all age groups. However, not everyone finds it easy to decide on what book to read next. Do you solely scan the New York Times Bestsellers’ List and make your choice based upon it? What if the New York Times Bestsellers’ List leaves you reading a book that you are bored of before you even finish it?

It may be difficult to determine which book would be the most interesting by reading the jacket of a book cover only. A summary will not speak about the plot, characters, twist except in vague terms. It is tough to measure the quality of a book by the author’s summary. Instead, you may choose to read a few lines in a chapter; however, a few lines in a chapter is not adequate when attempting to grasp the content, level of excitement and whether the book is even worth reading or not. The best way to verify if a book is perfect fit for you or not is by reading a book review.

Movie goers utilize movie critiques, so why shouldn’t a book reader use a book review?

Book reviews are detailed descriptions about the plot, characters and settings in a manner beyond the summary. A review may touch on the details of why a certain aspect in the book works and doesn’t. A book review offers an opinion by someone that has already read the book and not found anywhere else. You shall receive several opinions on the same subject. One review may applaud a certain aspect while another may claim the same aspect is the biggest downfall of the book. The advantage to reading both conflicting reviews is you may take both opinions, absorb the review, and conclude if the book is worth your time or not. As a result, the book review becomes a guide when revealing the pros and cons of each book and should be used as such.

Another benefit to reading book reviews as a means of how to decide on a book is the various opinions. For book reviews are written by readers like you. Book reviews expand on why a reader likes or dislikes a portion of text. It presents information not known prior to reading making it easier to exercise if the book is suitable for you or not. The wide array of opinions is what aides you in formulating whether the book is your cup of tea or not. Readers from all walks of life are offering opinions and the more reviews you have the easier it is to decide on the book.

Furthermore, book ratings are insufficient grades for books. Book ratings do not explain the range of traits a book exhibits. It will not notate what successfully works, doesn’t and why. It simply displays a grade.

The number one way to resolve your book electing dilemma is to read book reviews. Nothing is as thorough, and covers a true representation of the best and worst of the next book you are choosing to read than a book review.

There is no better way to help you find a book then using book reviews. Reading a book critique is a great tool when searching for the right book. It makes the difference between wasting your time on a boring book to finding the perfect book just for you.


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