Computers And Technology: The Language Of The New Generation

January 10, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Computers and Technology

Computers and technology have significant roles in overhauling the norms of the new generation. These two words are rather a mutated form of communication that brought about an indescribable language. I myself was overwhelmed with the great advancement of numerous gadgets around us. Based on common experience, it was just yesterday that I was tinkering my way in command prompts in an old school version of computers with lousy software. Now, I’m at ease working with laptops and iPads that translates to touchable screens. How about when I wake up tomorrow? What more is in store for me and for all of us?

Truly, this innovation is very life changing. These changes affect now the way we communicate to everybody. Long ago the Chinese had the abacus that further developed to Napier rods and to the modern day calculators. This simple device was meticulously made to bridge understanding in the business world. Technology was used in order for this calculator to level up a notch higher that in the end it turned out to be the first computer.

At that time, having a computer that can occupy a space as big as a room is considered an asset. The gadget became a status symbol of wealthy business that eliminated the handiwork of a real employee. Further more, technology was utilized to make these big things smaller, smallest and up to the nano size of this age. If you still have bigger gadgets, you are condemned by your friends and they would say sardonic words of having you belong to the Jurassic period. Maybe it’s an inside joke for some but delving deeper, this gesture of taunts is an evidence that indeed technology have its share. Not just the bits, or whatever bytes, but what I can frankly say is that reality really bites.

Communication is a vital part of everyday lives. Be it verbal or non-verbal, it can deliver the message we want to impart. Personal chit-chat as well as touch therapy is what was preferred in the past. Even those two indispensable ways of communication is deleted from the human instincts and memory. What is left today are the short messaging services, multimedia messaging services, infrared, Bluetooth, V-sat and more. The World Wide Web gained momentum in connecting almost everyone in the planet, though personal touch is lost, but not totally in this kind of media.

The eruption of these gadgets combined with technology created a new breed of language for communication. At first we have the Oxford and Webster’s but now almost everyone is familiar with the urban dictionary with all its slangs and acronyms. Not just the involvement of the alphabet but also signs and symbols that are made into moving icons or emoticons that is popularly known as smileys. Sometimes it’s fun and a time-saver; sometimes it’s the cause of misunderstanding. In the end, every change has its own advantages and disadvantages. Computers and technology will not alone defy the language of today if put into consideration.

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