Dissecting the Concepts of Sports and Recreation

January 10, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Recreation and Sports

Have you grown tired and extremely bored with your daily repetitive routines? Do you want to break momentarily from the chains of serious everyday activities and get re-energized in spirit and mind? Recreation and sports are the best things to do when you feel that your mind and spirit seem to have functional difficulties already as regards performance and success. These activities are usually done outdoor where the person can conveniently relax, spiritually meditate, bond with friends and family, and simply enjoy all day long without anything serious and perplexing to worry about. The phrase sports and recreation can be divided and have two different but intricately related concepts. Sports can be recreational as well are recreational activities can also be a sport.

Activities such as camping, picnic, and even by simply traveling can be considered as a recreational activity. The fundamental requisite for an undertaking to be considered a recreation is if the said activity is one that is in the nature of a leisure, pleasure, enjoyment, and amusement. Hence, any activity, even the person’s job, can be considered recreational so long as the person enjoy, feels pleasure, and leisure while doing the same. However, the general concept of recreation requires a vital distance from the work place where the headquarters of jobs, dilemmas, issues, and concerns are stocked waiting for one’s action. Hence, unless the person finds pleasure, amusement, and fun over these perplexing things, thing working is but simply a recreation. But reality tells us that despite the love and passion over the person’s work, there will always come a time when one’s energy, spirit, and motivation will be extremely used up and will have to require alternative activities that prove to augment the spiritual, physical, and emotional strengths of the person concerned.

Sports, on the other hand, can either be recreational or simply a profession that one has to give more emphasis on the job rather than have fun. As much as we see sports as being filled with enjoyment, amusement, and pleasure, these emotions only go so far as the viewers are concerned because those in athletes who perform this activity everyday during trainings might have already grown boredom and frustration over the said daily undertaking. Thus, despite the general ideas of sports as fun and exciting, these ideas do not really automatically translate as being the emotions of the players themselves because of the fact that these sports are considered to be their profession and such is being repeatedly performed everyday for practice and training purposes.

Therefore, the concepts of sports and recreation are two different but closely interrelated concepts that should concur in order that the meaning of the entire idea of sports and recreation as one concept can be achieved. Although each of these can stand alone, they cannot be said to be that of an activity which is both sporty and recreational at the same time. The main element and determining factor if an activity is that of a sports and recreation is the presence of the feelings and emotions of fun, leisure, enjoyment, and pleasure.

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