Do Health and Fitness Gifts Vouchers Make for Ideal Gift Ideas?

January 10, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

Gift Vouchers are often an excellent choice when searching for great gift ideas, whether it’s for birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas gifts. Gift vouchers are also a good option for corporate gifts too.

Gift vouchers are certainly hassle-free. You can find them through your PC or cell phone, they are often supplied by mail or email, plus you’ll find multiple choices available in the market.

The benefit of gift vouchers is the flexibility they give the receiver in choosing their actual gifts.

Gift vouchers tend to be given in these formats:

1. Money cards – these gifts are not very personable, yet useful gifts for many
2. Store cards – these gift ideas are comparable to money cards, yet more particular gifts related to a specific type of store – e.g. fishing gear store gift voucher
3. Indulgence gift vouchers – they are gifts in which the receiver may relax and appreciate some special occasion – e.g. a day spa gift voucher
4. Experience gift vouchers – these gift ideas offer the recipient a way to consider something they haven’t accomplished before such as a ride in a hot-air balloon or helicopter.ยท

All these gift ideas are convenient and personalized and show the giver is considerate.

So how about gifts involving health and fitness? Would gift vouchers providing access to gyms, boot camps, personal training, yoga or Pilates be acceptable? Will the recipient be offended with the concept of sweating in a gym as a birthday present?

For many people, health and fitness gifts are some of the best gift ideas around. As a giver of gifts, you are being considerate and caring in wanting your friend to become fit at a gym or via a personal- training sessions.

Some people are considering joining a gym in the New Year. A gift voucher as an introduction to a gym membership could be an absolute blessing.

But many gyms don’t offer gift vouchers; for them it is not a priority. However, there are exceptions. For example, you can start by looking for gyms which offer gift vouchers. And there are some new and exceptional gift vouchers on the Australian market which offer numerous health and fitness gift ideas all using one card. While these products are new to the market, they provide the consumers with the option of giving a healthy gift as well as introducing new fitness choices into gift recipient’s life.

So in additition to various money, store and experience gifts, health and fitness gift vouchers can provide the gift buyer with a great choice of gift ideas.

Dalibor Ivkovic

Fitpass markets Gift Vouchers that provide the recipients with access to a network of independent fitness providers in Australia. Gift Vouchers give access to gyms, yoga, pilates, personal training, bootcamp, massage and physiotherapy and more.



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