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Body shape is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on which clothes will suit you. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so sometimes it can be difficult getting it exactly right. Once you can identify what shape applies to you, dressing to impress will suddenly and miraculously become stress free!

You are probably already aware what shape category your body falls into. You’re most likely to be either a pear, an athletic, apple or hourglass shape, four easily identifiable figures that are also really easy to dress once you understand the trick.

The hourglass has been known to be the ‘ideal’ figure for centuries. Those lucky enough to have this shape tend to be perfectly in proportion with elegant shoulders, a perfectly sized bosom, and a small waist that slopes into curvaceous hips and onwards to shapely thighs. If this sounds like you, then the most important thing to consider is keeping that natural proportion. Balance is the key. The most effective way to maintain it is to focus a lot of attention on your deliciously slim waist. You could nip it in with a belt, wear wrap over tops or wear something fitted. You also have the luxury of gorgeous thighs, so you can easily get away with pencil dresses and skirts that flatter your figure. Try v-neck tops to highlight your ample bosom and fitted jeans or looser trousers that sit on your hips.

Those who are apple-shapes tend to have a smaller bosom, narrower hips with a wider mid-section and a difficult to define waist. You probably have nice, slender legs and a small bottom, too. The most effective way to achieve a more flattering silhouette is to create the illusion of a more defined waist. To do this, wear shirts that are already nipped at the waist, or add a belt. V-necks or scoop necks are perfect. As you probably have such lovely legs, you can get away with most skirt and dress lengths so long as they aren’t too short and so long as they skim over your hips instead of clinging. You could end up looking top-heavy otherwise. Wide-leg trousers and jeans that sit just about your hips will flatter your shape and help to flatten your tummy.

Pear shapes have the luxury of having a teeny, tiny waist and gorgeous, fuller hips. Though you may have a smaller bust, you have elegant, rounded shoulders and slender arms. Not to mention, you have fabulous legs. The key to giving your body proportion is drawing the eye away from your hips and in order to do this, you should wear shirts with decorated or patterned busts and empire lines. These will help to make your bosom look bigger and will accentuate your slender waist at the same time. Wearing dark jeans with bright tops will also draw attention from wider hips, upwards towards your bust, just make sure they don’t have a wide flare that is bigger than your hips.

Finally, if you have an athletic shape you will tend to have balanced shoulders, bust and hips, but not a defined waist. You are pretty much straight up and down, but you have the luxury of gorgeous, slender legs. Like most body shapes, balancing the top and bottom while defining your waist is key. Unlike other shapes, you can almost always get away with wearing fitted clothing. Anything that helps nip you in at the waist will be an asset! This means belts, fitted items and wrap around dresses and tops. Wide neck tops tend to make your waist look smaller, along with embellished busts and wide-leg trousers that sit just below or on your waist. A-line skirts that skim over your hips will achieve the same, as well as dresses with wide sleeves and an embellished bust.

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