Earn Money From Good Public Speaking

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Developing and utilizing presentation skills can result in increased income for you. Here are a few ways that you can turn your public speaking experience into business profits.

Give Free Speeches For Promotion

An attorney can give a free speech about business incorporation to a number of businessmen. This could result in obtaining new clients. It could also cause existing clients to purchase additional services, such as incorporations, minute book work, income tax election filings, and so on.

Charge For Seminars, Workshops, and Tele-classes

You can give a seminar on “How To Incorporate Yourself Without A Lawyer” and charge an fee for people who want to join. You could discuss what is involved in having a private corporation.

Sell Information Media

The information presented during a speech or seminar could form the basis for information products such as books, courses, special reports or folios, audios, videos, DVDs, electronic books, and so forth. For example, you could write a book entitled “How To Incorporate Yourself Without a Lawyer”.

You can boost the attendance at your seminar by giving out handouts and the like, and you can charge for them. And even if you give a free speech, you’ll still have a profit from the sales of the information products.

If you plan on producing an audio, then your public speaking skills are really important. Your audience will judge you from your appearance, your poise, gestures, enthusiasm, your audience contact, your material, and others.

Your information products establish your credibility as an expert, resulting in even more business. You can also sell them through the Internet, mail order, direct mail, and the like.

Consultation and the Like

As your reputation as an expert in your specialized field grows, you will become more in demand. Clients may seek you out for lucrative speaking engagements. You may be invited to write magazine articles, consult for large corporations, act as an expert trial witness, become a syndicated columnist, et cetera.

Therefore, you’ll be so much better off if you improve your communication and public speaking skills.

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