Environment Friendly Products – What are they and where do I Find Them?

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The first step in deciding you want to start using environment friendly products is knowing what you are looking for and having a little knowledge behind your decision. So basically taking a little time to learn what is what to make sure you are actually buying green.

These are some things to consider when you have decided to live more environmentally friendly:

Reuse: Buy reusable products instead of disposable. Cloth napkins instead of paper. Dish towels instead of paper towels. Take your reusable bags to the store instead of using the stores paper or plastic bags.

Share: Does everyone in the family really need their own television? Computer? Printer? Car? It’s convenient, that’s true, but is it necessary? And what is it costing you with energy use, and insurance. Rethink some of your choices and see if more sharing might be in order.

Depending on your community, why not share a few things with your neighbor to save some money and energy.

Trade: Why not trade children toys with your friends and family. Kids love new toys for about half a second it seems like before they lose the thrill. Swapping toys every so often with a friend or family member can make the kids seem like they are getting new toys all of the time, while your wallet stays untouched.

Buy used: Before you purchase your next item at the mega chain store, give Craigslist or garage sales a try. Sometimes you can find exactly what you need at a much lower price. Plus you’re adding to the useful life of a product.

On the other side of the coin, when you’re thinking about tossing an item in the garbage, consider if it still has any use left in it. If so, take it to the Goodwill or Salvation Army instead of throwing it away. Or hold your own garage sale.

Research: Before you buy new products, research environmentally friendly options. Search for things that use less energy and are made to last. Find out what the products are made from, too. Try to find a source that specializes in these products so you know where to make purchases you can feel good about.

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