Food and Drink Hose for increased flexibility

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Food and Drink Hose is one of the excellent materials that is used in varied industries such as food, pharmaceutical, beverages, dairies, and more. These hoses feature an extruded inner lining surface that is smooth and features excellent polyster reinforcement that features life and imparts a long life to these hoses. The excellent flexibility and stability makes it ideal for uses in a wide range of industries. These Silicon Hose and Tubing structures are used in areas that require a greater degree of stability and where cleanliness is a prime feature. They are compatible with extreme ranges of temperatures and also are resistant to heat, steam and chemicals.

Applications of Food and Drink Hose

These silicon hose and tubing structures are used in a wide range of applications that require sterile mode of filling, drug delivery modes, cell harvesting, sanitary pump tubing, media processing, bioreactors, filtration and fermentation industries, and more. The Hygienic hose structures are ideal for fluid transfer, moving steam or air in and out of reactors, filling, and other manufacturing processes in the biotech industry. There is no odor or taste that is imparted to the content of the raw material or the content in manufacture. It is extremely hydrophobic, thus making it for easy use in semiconductor device manufacturing, cosmetics, dairies, food and beverages, and more.

Different modes of hygienic hose structures

These hygienic hose structures feature superior flexibility and are not composed of any organic structures or phthalates, or even latex as an additive. These are hydrophobic in nature, can be sterilized and autoclaved with ease. These are widely used in pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes, liquid transfers, load cell applications, vacuum applications, and more. These are also used in laboratories, cell cultures, drug delivery systems, sterile filling and transfers, pump tubings, food and beverages industries, dairy applications, pharmaceuticals and more.

These hoses are specifically designed for applications in a wide range of food and beverage industries. These hoses are capable of working under extremely high pressures and thus resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Their long lasting nature makes them ideal for working in extreme temperatures and other environments where resistance to extreme heat is required. They also have greater levels of chemical resistance. They are also kink and corrosion resistant. There are extremely odorless and highly flexible in nature. They are ideal and friendly in nature and therefore can be fitted and removed with ease.

Their increased tensile strength makes them ideal for usage in harsh environments with ease. These FEP lined hoses provide increased permeation resistance. They are widely used in different applications such as chemicals, steam, solvents, food and beverages, acid lines, CIP lines, and more. Also made of multiple polyster cord and EPDM rubber, these hose structures are flexible and ideal for usage in a wide range of industries.

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