Gary DeMar Fails To Link Christianity And The Constitution in “America’s Heritage”

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Gary DeMar’s “America’s Heritage” fails to establish any connection between Christianity and the U.S. Constitution. This is a 2002 production of Coral Ridge Ministries.

A Christian Constitution?

The fundamental question is posed in the Introduction, “America’s Christian Heritage: Fact or Fiction?” The foregone conclusion is “fact,” and the book presents the usual assortment of quotes from various Presidents and Supreme Court Justices as evidence. This line of indirect testimony continues throughout the book. Plaques and inscriptions in Washington D.C., the Christian founding of various colleges, and official national days of prayer are presented as evidence.

And then he points out that virtually all of the colonial charters and constitutions were very forthright covenants with God. This is obvious to all. From there he concludes that the Constitution of 1787 was in like manner a Christian document. This is not so obvious to all.

All he can muster in defense of this tenuous conclusion is two rather impotent arguments. One is the modifier “year of our Lord” after the date. The other is the requirement to skip Sunday when counting the 10 days within which the President must sign a bill into law. Neither argument is very convincing.

The Biblical Standard

How can we determine if Gary DeMar has proved that the Constitution is a Christian document and that America is therefore a Christian nation? We need some standard for evaluation. Only the Bible can provide such a standard. Without that standard we are likely to be distracted by various entertaining, but irrelevant arguments. What does the Bible say about deciding whether a particular nation is a Christian nation, or not?

Throughout the history of Israel God dealt with the nation covenantally in terms of an oath to keep His law as the foundation of the nation’s legal system. Israel persistently broke the covenant, but then repented by renewing the covenant in a formal, often written oath.

Without the oath-bound covenant to a legal system based on the Bible there is no Christian nation. This is the defining characteristic of a “Christian nation.” There may be many other attractive features, but without the oath there is nothing that may be called a Christian nation.

Among the many Biblical examples, Nehemiah 9:38 is very instructive: “…We are making an agreement in writing; and on the sealed document are the names of our leaders…” There is nothing like this commitment to rule by the law of God in the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, we are driven to the conclusion that Gary DeMar has failed to make his case.

Do Christian colleges constitute a national oath to God? No. Does the phrase “year of our Lord” constitute a national oath to God? No. Does excluding Sunday from the 10-day window to sign or veto a bill constitute a national oath to God? No. Does any of the evidence presented in America’s Heritage constitute a national oath to God? No.

The author is enthusiastic about all of this peripheral data, but is apathetic about the only thing that really matters, the covenant oath to God. This shows up in a hypothetical question he poses in Chapter 3: “If the constitutional framers could get a glimpse of America today, would they have rethought their decision only to make passing reference to the lordship of Jesus Christ?”

The answer: “We will never know. But when all the testimony is in, it is an undeniable truth that Christianity served as the foundation for the political edifice we know as America.” Here Gary DeMar admits that the Constitution left out the one essential ingredient for a Christian government — the lordship of Jesus Christ. However, In the next breath he claims that America is a Christian nation anyway. The conclusion does not follow from the premise.

Oliver Woods is a latter day anti-Federalist, whose books and video expose the unBiblical nature of the U S Constitution at the America Betrayed website. He also serves as headmaster at King’s Way Classical Academy an online classical, Christian school for grades 7-12.


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