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Would you like to get more traffic to your site and have that traffic be people that are interested in your products and services? You can do it and see results and traffic.

When people go on the Web, they’re usually searching for something. That’s what is so great about the Internet – there is so much out there and you can find the answer to just about anything by firing up your web browser and doing an online search. So what you need to do is get people to your website and to make that happen, your website needs to rank well in the search results.

Get the Search Engine Optimization Done (SEO)

Before you even get started marketing your website, you want to be sure that it is set up correctly. You will want to make sure you perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tasks to your website. Either you can do this or you can hire someone. This work includes things like getting the right keyword list made, putting keywords in page titles, creating good meta tags, doing internal linking, having search engine friendly URLs and so on. For the purposes of this article, we are going to assume you have had this work done. If not, do it first before you start promoting your website and you will be doing yourself a big favor.

So now it’s time to start ranking better since that is our goal. To do this, you want to get incoming links from other websites. These websites can be related to yours (which is ideal) but that is not necessary. You need more votes than your competition to rank above them. Search engines look at how many links (or votes) point to your website. If you have more than your competition, then that moves your website up in the rankings because it shows that your site is an authority on the topic. Make sure you link using keywords and not linked text that says “click here” because that is the wrong way to do it.

Get Incoming Links to Your Website

Getting inbound links to your site can be done in a few ways. The best way is when people just naturally like your site and want to link to it. You do this by providing content that is link worthy. You can also encourage people to bookmark your website on social bookmarking sites like Be sure to ask friends and any business associates or vendors to link to your site. And you can always search around for related sites and propose link exchanges. Actually, you may be getting these requests already from other websites – this is why. These link exchanges are really worth doing, so let’s help each other out and do as many as we can. Don’t ignore those requests.

One secret to getting incoming links is with article marketing. What you’re reading right now is me doing article marketing. You take some time and write a useful article that is original and full of good information. It should answer a question that people may have and be useful to them. That’s why you need to take some time doing a little bit of research. That article is then submitted to article directories and you get to include 2 links back to your website down in the resource box at the end of the article.

The thing about article marketing is that your articles need to be original and unique. You can’t just paste the same article on multiple websites – that doesn’t help you much at all. To do that you might think that re-writing and submitting the article over and over would take a lot of work and you would be right. It would be. Who has time for that? There is a tool that makes it much easier, the Unique Article Wizard.

The great thing about the Unique Article Wizard is that it takes your article and automatically submits it to hundreds of article websites around the Internet that will post it for no cost to you. It also makes sure that articles are unique. The sites that your article ends up on are sites that Google knows about, so they are good links to get pointing back to your site. Nice.

Writing an article using the Unique Article Wizard does take quite a bit of time. It’s true. But in comparison to how much time it would have taken you to rewrite your article, it’s really no time at all. If you have writer’s block, then don’t worry. You can hire people on sites like to do the writing for you for a cheap price. When I sit down to do some writing, I try to remember AIDA, which means:

* Attraction

* Interest

* Desire

* Action

That is what your article needs to do and do it in that order. It must grab attention. If it doesn’t, then people will never read it and get to the next step, which is get their interest and then turn it into desire. You then end it with a call to action. One way to accomplish of all this is to write a “how to” type of piece. These grab attention nicely and lots of people type the words “how to” into Yahoo when they go online to search.

You’ll then go through the wizard that’s available, where you tweak each paragraph a little and then it submits your article for you. I usually have it submit about 50 a day and aim for it to be submitted to 500-600 or more article directories. Not bad, right?

Then usually within a week or two, you will start to see more web traffic coming to your website. search engines will also see more sites that link to your website and that gets you higher rankings. One goal may be to write and submit 1 article per week and you would see great results by just doing that. Many people are doing that very thing, so you know it’s successful. Be sure to take your time doing it and include really good information in your articles. That’s key. You will look like an expert in your field and people will come to your website for more information.

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