Home Improvement Loan Basics

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Most people think about home improvement as all the little things you can fix or do around your house to make it more livable. But home improvement projects don’t have to be limited to small budgets or simply involve a few minutes of work on the weekend.

Many home improvement projects require some sort of financial loan because they are large scale projects that require payment on materials or labor all at once in order to get the project started. These larger home improvement projects require some sort of bank or lender issued home improvement money.

Larger home improvement projects that require financing could including adding an addition to your home, remodeling your home to add more space, upgrading the appointments in a kitchen or bathroom, installing a new furnace or cooling system, replacing a roof or installing siding or simply putting in a new swimming pool.

There are two general types of home improvement loans. There are unsecured home improvement loans and a secured home improvement loans. Within those two types there are many different loan vehicles and products which can give you extra money, though each has it’s own good points and potential drawbacks. The differences among the loan vehicles are many, but let’s focus on the two types of home improvement loans that are generally available:

Unsecured home improvement financing: An unsecured loan of any type involves you borrowing money without putting anything up for collateral. That means that if you can’t pay the loan then there is technically nothing the bank can immediately take away from you. Unsecured loans are granted based on many factors, but a steady income and good credit score definitely help. Home improvement credit cards are technically unsecured loans that are meant to be used for home improvement projects. Unsecured loans are meant to be paid back over a short period of time and will almost always have a higher interest rate.

Secured home improvement financing: A secured loan of any type is a loan which involves you offering something to the bank in exchange for the money. If you get a home improvement loan based on the equity in your home, then you are really trading part of the ownership in your house to the lending institution. As you repay the loan you are buying back your house. Secured home improvement loans usually involve larger amounts of money but do have a lower interest rate and offer a longer time to pay it off.

Even if you have bad credit or very little equity in your home you can still sometimes take out a small home improvement loan without much trouble. Borrowing money to improve the home you own is often seen as a much safer option for many banks than borrowing money to purchase a new home entirely.

To compare some of your home improvement loan options you may want to use a free home improvement loan calculator to get the best rates and payment schedule for your situation.


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