Home Security For Urban Neighborhoods – Protect Your Home And Family From Burglary And Invasion With These Simple Tips

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Living in a busy urban neighborhood can offer many advantages, such as proximity to entertainment, accessibility to your place of work, and a general feel of being part of the downtown scene. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to urban life – high crime rates that seem to escalate daily. As cost of living continues to rise and the economy worsens, there is no doubt that crime (particularly in these areas) will also continue to escalate.

Protecting your home and family from home invasion and burglary can be easy and affordable. Begin by assessing your home’s weakest security points: the doors, windows, and your home alarm system.

Alarm Systems: Installing a home alarm system is an affordable option that provides a high level of security. Home alarm systems should be considered a necessary home security device in any urban setting. However simply having an alarm isn’t enough – many people become complacent and will forget to set their alarm when rushed, or when they feel the risk of break-in does not equal the hassle in setting the alarm. Unfortunately, thieves can break into a home and in a matter of minutes be in possession of your expensive personal belongings. Here are some tips when considering your home alarm system:

** Alarm systems should be connected directly to the alarm company’s central monitoring station, which can alert law enforcement if the alarm is triggered.

** Installing a back-up cellular dialer in case a burglar cuts the power or the standard phone lines enables the system to still contact the monitoring station.

** Alarm systems which incorporate motion sensors and/or glass break sensors can help first responders and residents know if an intruder has actually gained access to the premise.

** Displaying the signage provided by the alarm company serves as an initial deterrent for thieves.

** Making sure the alarm system’s central panel is located in a locked cabinet or an indoor utility room prevents would-be invaders from tampering with the system.

Lock Doors and Windows: This may seem like a no-brainer, but time and again people become complacent in their home’s security. Forgetting to lock windows and doors before going out or going to bed provides an opportunity for thieves to gain easy access. Taking the extra time to make sure your home is secure is the easiest way to stop burglars in their tracks.

Doors: You door will stand up to most breach attempts if the doors are made from solid wood or metal rather than a hollow-core style, along with 3.5 inch long steel screws to fasten the hinges to the door frame.

Windows: The glass in windows and doors is often the easiest way a thief can gain access to your home. Statistically, upwards of 80 % of all US Burglaries occur via a window or door. Security window films are affordable, and can provide an extra layer of defense from thieves attempting to smash a window to gain access to the home. While a burglar may be able to muster enough force to eventually smash the window, the repeated attempts require a lot of attention-grabbing blows. ShatterGARD, Inc. is one of the largest privately held glass protection and security product companies in the United States. ShatterGUARD products are trusted to protect the men and women of the U.S. military and law enforcement communities, as well as facilities associated with the worldwide banking and telecommunications industries, and private residences.

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