How AREA Has Helped Real Estate Agents To Maximize Their Business In India

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First of all we need to understand that what is an association is all about and what does an Association of Real Estate Agents do for its associate members.

Association can be defined in many ways depending upon its objective and goals. In which few are as follow

An association is an organization or a union formed to provide mutual aid, benefit, for relief from sundry difficulties to its associate members. Such organizations may be formally organized with charters and established customs, or may arise ad hoc to meet unique needs of a particular time and place.

An association can be organized around a shared ethnic background, religion, occupation, geographical region or other basis. It has its diversified benefits such as, education, eradication of disease and poverty, up liftmen for the society and specific sector. Often it provides a social framework for members and their families to support each other and contribute to the wider community. It works for the genuine cause of the targeted crowd, area and society.

AREA (Association of Real Estate Agents) is fully committed to work for the welfare of its associate members and bound to provide such facilities and services which will help them to live, work or short out the issue.

Associations abide all its associate members under by laws which will be accepted and to be obeyed by each and every individual’s member. The main objective of AREA is to foster & form such a structure and system where zero level problems suppose to be arisen.

Association of Real Estate Agents has been given the birth for the welfare of the real estate agents & its members and to elevate their livelihood in and around its operating state. A real estate agent plays a vital role to liquidate the properties like; flats, offices, shops and bungalow. These agents are free lancer and work on a commission basis. They are working as a bridge between the buyers and sellers, and being paid some of the percentage by both the parties if their deals get final.

But the reality is different from the certain facts, like; all the real estate agents are doing the business but they are doing this business without any rules , regulations and governing body guide lines, whom so ever are visiting them they provide their services to those client without going through proper process. They don’t do any written agreement with the client and most of the times a dispute suppose to be arisen between them. In such circumstances the agents are completely helpless they can’t do anything because they are not availing or providing the services under any signed agreement or contract. So the agents easily lose the business or the client.

Considered it the most urgent calls AREA has taken an initiative to bring all the real estate agents under one cluster or umbrella where they work under written terms and conditions and AREA will support or help them in all the possible manners such as; all the agents has to worked under bylaws, without initial paper work they can’t provide their services to any of the clients, association will provide legal support to the agents if any issues arisen with the client and will take care of their IT returns every year.

Apart from all these the association is committed to make their presence, reach, network and business to the national level.

For further details about Membership benefits or any query please call on 91-8108888176

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