How Computers Affect our Lives

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The day will soon arrive when the first word from a baby’s mouth will be “COMP” instead of a “MOMMY” or a “PAPA”. Yes, it might seem like an exaggeration, but, the computers and technology have invaded our lives for both good and bad. The good part is that they provide you with information which is impossible to obtain by any other means. The internet is an information revolution. The bad part with computers and technology is that the technology is available to everyone (both good and bad) and it is up to the individual to decide whether to use the information constructively or otherwise. ~ What would happen to you when you are waiting for that one word out of your baby’s mouth and the baby says “COMP” instead of either “MOMMY” or “PAPA”? It might really become true since the computer technology has become very much part of every one’s life. There is so much of information that is available on the internet that the users of internet have to decide whether to use this information for good or bad. So, even though it has revolutionized our lives, we should be careful when using the internet and know how to use it well. ~ Computers have revolutionized our lives and invaded them so much that the babies also feel that the computer is one of the family members. Many babies I have seen start playing with the laptop of their parents and learn to say “laptop” before saying “mommy” or “papa”. A computer has assisted us in many ways and even computer can think for us. So, sometimes it makes me wonder if they can think instead of humans, will there be anything left for humans to invent after a few years later. Will the computers take over our lives completely? That could affect us in a good way or a bad way. So, we should be prudent enough to use computers and their artificial intelligence.

Since the invention of computers many things have changed in our lives. The way we buy things, the way we communicate with each other, the way we express our emotions, the general health of public, and so on… I could go on, but, it will perhaps take 10 to 12 pages just to list the influences of computers on us. When we study the evolution of computers over the past 50 years, we can see that there has been a lot of progress made only due to computers. The medical science have benefited enormously due to the advent of computers to provide the basic minimum health care for all of us. ~ A telephone invention has transformed the world so much that everyone was thinking if there could be any other invention that could affect out lives as much as a telephone. And there it was. The “computer”, which has changed the way we communicate, show our emotions, think, travel, out health and it is a very long list. The medical sciences, manufacturing have benefited a lot due to the precise nature of performing tasks by computers and the computational capability of the computers. ~ You might have seen robots that are responding to your command instructions or robots that do manufacturing work or hazardous chemical component mixing, etc… This way the computers combined with mechanics have changed the way we work, way we fear, way we communicate, way we commute, and many other factors of our lives. If the progress made in the past 50 years is so much, then I cannot imagine what will happen in the next 50 years.

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There is a stiff competition between laptops and mobile phones. And each of these smart devices are encroaching the other’s domain. Soon, we will not be able to distinguish between a laptop and a mobile device. The laptops are shrinking in size and becoming more like mobile devices with cutting-edge wireless access technologies and the mobile devices are including a lot of new applications and features to mimic a laptop. It is a fascinating prospect for the end consumer, isn’t it? ~ The computer is shrinking in size as the time progresses. From a computer that is 2 blocks in size, now, the computer has shrunk so much in size and reduced so much weight that it can be put in your pocket. The telephone is giving a stiff competition to the computer where the old telephone has become mobile in the new era and it started including a lot of features and applications and becoming increasingly like a computer. A new name has to be given to the device that encompasses both the computer technology and mobile technology. Do you have any names to suggest? ~ In this competitive, information age, the competition between two of the old horses is becoming stiff. They are the telephone and the computer. Telephone was invented to provide voice communication from one place to the other. And computer was invented to do the computing. Now, these two devices have grown their domains and they have started overlapping. After a few years, the domains completely merge and we will not be able to distinguish whether the device is a flap mobile phone or a mini laptop. In any case, the end consumer will benefit immensely from these technological advances.

Technology really has changed. It’s amazing to think of all the things we used to not have, but now we do. Let’s not take it for granted.

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