How to Clean a House with Pets

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Of course you love your pets but what about a clean house? It becomes quite a task to clean a house with fur, litterboxes and dander of pets. And then there are the inevitable accidents which make it all the more impossible to keep your house clean. But stay assured that a clean house and pets can coexist provided you put in some extra efforts. The biggest challenge for any pet owner is getting rid of hair. While very few breeds don’t shed at all but there are some that shed very little like Bichon Frises, Labradoodles and Schnauzers. Other shed considerably more.

When it comes to how to clean a house with pets everyone has their own preferences from dustpans to vacuums; for scooping up all that pet hair. But all that hard work can be minimized if you pay just a little attention to the points mentioned below:

Brushing On a Regular Basis

Regular brushing and grooming are recommended by veterinarians too. It reduces the amount of hair in the air and on the ground. Besides it is always better to have his hair on the brush, than on the floor. But make sure you do it outside as not all of the hair will stick to the brush and chances are some of it will remain in the air and on the ground.


No matter how much you try, your pets will shed their hair and some of it is bound to end up on the floor, rugs etc. so vacuum your floor and rugs on a regular basis. How often you have to do it will depend on the number of pets you have. For one pet and one person, once a week will do. You can also block the access of your pet to certain rooms and areas of the house so that they don’t require constant vacuuming. This can be done by using pet barriers in the doorways.

Clean up

You should clean up after your pets at the earliest because if the mess remains untouched, it will become more challenging to clean up later. Besides, if you don’t clean up your pet might get used to it and will become encouraged to repeat. Refrain from using ammonia based cleaners on your pets.

Invest in Tightly Woven Furniture

Furniture that has a smooth surface like leather and is tightly woven should be preferred for a house with pets. This will not only reduce the damage caused due to claws and scratching but will also make it easier for you to clean up pet hair.

Get a Bed For Your Pets

The sooner you get a bed for your pet, the better it will be for your floor and furniture. When a pet becomes accustomed to his bed, the surrounding area also becomes his space and he is more likely to spend time there. Properly trained pets will spend more time around their beds leading to less time being spent on your couch.

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