How to Fight Yeast Infection At Home – Safest Way to Cure it

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The causes for a yeast infection can be many. For example, tight jeans or tight underwear are a common cause, also steroids and birth control pills. Normally, it begins with a low feeling of itching in the vagina. Bad news, it is very common to see this condition in women during child bearing age. Good news, this can be easily treated in a natural way at home with everyday use things.

First option could be cranberry pills. These are sold without medical prescription at any drug store. It is very effective because it helps the body’s immune system to avoid the fungus to overgrow until the system reaches normal levels.

Number two, you could apply apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball in the affected area. It usually gives a sensation similar to a sting after using it, which is completely normal. You could combine it with a small portion of garlic. Obviously this will cause a not so pretty smell. You can take care of it by diluting it in some water.

Another effective way is something as basic as Yogurt. A small amount such as a teaspoon is enough to be applied in the infected area or in a cotton ball. Curd is an alternative if you don’t have Yogurt. Apply it in the morning and before bedtime until the infection goes away.

You can also mix olive leaf and grape fruit seed extract together with water and then apply this using a cotton bud. You can also get the same result using raw garlic juice. Just rub this over your fingers and then rub it over the affected area.

Avoid sexual intercourse. This is advice number four. This will not only make your infection worse, but it could also transmit a disease to your sexual partner. The treatment then will be longer and it will be more difficult for you to cure the infection.

If treatment for yeast infection is not working, then it is time to try something that can be given by your doctor. There are creams, tablets or suppositories which are often recommended rather than using oral medication.

Candida is the proper name of the fungus that causes yeast infections especially in women. The usual signs to look after for this condition are soreness, a sensation of burning and itching. If this signs are not present, most likely it is not a yeast infection.

Besides the fact that this condition is treatable, there are ways to prevent yeast infections from occurring. One way is to take one or two glasses of milk daily, this will avoid an overgrowth of yeast in the genital area. Wearing tight pants or tight underwear as said before is a cause, so, to prevent an infection, avoid wearing jeans and underwear too tight. After swimming, it is recommended to get out of the suit immediately. Avoid the use of douches, sprays, scented toilet paper and tampons with deodorant effects.

The yeast infection can be treated with the help of a doctor or at home. You have to take into account that the treatment for a pregnant woman is going to be different. Some times, you do not even have to do anything as it will go away on it’s own, although, this is not the majority of cases. If you choose to see a doctor, he or she will perform a more detailed exam and could use hormone therapy to treat it.

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