How To Overcome Addictive Relationships

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Love is the spice in human lives. Everyone desires to be loved, and this may result in addictive relationships. However, most of the relationships do not flourish or ends with happy music. Commitment and understanding are the two aspects that have a major role in keeping the relationships alive and kicking. To start with, you should first decide to maintain the relationship. And then you should be in an appropriate mental framework towards your partner.

Respect for a partner forms an important bonding. Remember, that your partner also deserves due share of admiration and respect. Most of the people ignore small achievements of partners. It might be a speck of dust for you, but it is of high value to your partner. Appreciation, praise and encouragement for each small achievement prove a great deal in the relationships. This understanding is yet another crucial factor in any relationship.

Allow the person know that you love him or her. Expressing your love with tiny gestures like a small flower, a romantic walk or even the words – ‘I love you’ are highly effective. This gives them emotional security and warmth in your relationship. Such expressions are successful in bonding the relationship. When you observe these little things, a healthy and fruitful bonding can be created.

While a healthy relation is recommendable for a fulfilled and happy life, one must also avoid addictive relationships. These are unhealthy relations where an individual becomes addicted for a person even knowing the futility of the situation. A person may get attracted towards someone solely due to physical urges, or he may cling to someone hoping for a desired change in the next fellow. This becomes a constant torment and still people can’t get away with it as they become addicted.

The reasons for such instances vary from personal issues of the partners to mental illness. Many people secretly believe that they simply don’t deserve happy relationships. Such low self esteem is injurious to successful relationship. Experts believe that you must learn to love yourself before loving anyone. Taoism states this fact as – ‘Respect yourself and the world follows’.

It is observed that most people forget about their partners and their preferences. They just ignore that even their partners suffer with some inherent flaws like they themselves do. Once the initial obsessive phase is over, it is very common to see people getting discouraged with their companions’ flaws. One should always keep in mind that we all are humans and as is said – ‘To err is human’.

Be frank, rational and open in your approach towards your partners. It won’t be difficult unless you are facing ‘love shyness’ syndrome. Individuals suffering with this syndrome simply hesitate from falling in love. They either stay away completely or keep finding excuses for not entering in any relationship due to fear of getting hurt. They just don’t want to love because to love is to open up and to open up is to become vulnerable.

If you want to make your life meaningful, it is advisable that you should get into some kind of healthy relationship. If you are confused, just be bold and take chance or try to get advice on relationships. At last, you can observe the growth of your relationships from a tender sapling into a tall and mighty tree. Remember, only thus brought up relationship will bear fruits of love and warmth. To know several things to boost your relationships and to get advice on relationships, visit:

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