Keep Your Hair Healthy and Nourished with Tigi Bed Head Shampoo

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Hair plays a major role in making one look glamorous. I don’t merely mean ‘hair’ but healthy hair that shines and grows with vigour and dynamism. It’s not only a pleasure to behold healthy hair, but it’s equally pleasing to the person who possesses it. One has truly said “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Including the right amount of vitamins and minerals in the diet regularly, ensures healthy hair growth. A healthy body promotes healthy hair growth, and ultimately it’s the overall condition of your body that leads to clean hair which one can adore always.

But factors such as stress, toxins in the environment, exposure to the sun, cigarette smoking (active as well as passive), excess alcohol consumption and lack of sleep has crept into our lives which has lead to a decline in our overall health conditions, including our hair, resulting in under nourished and damaged hair. As a result, we are in constant look out for ways to repair the damage done to our hair and set out to seek various hair care treatments and products available in the market. A number of latest advancements have been made in the field of hair care treatments and many products have been successful in bringing to us the latest hair treatments and Tigi Bed Head is one among them.

Tigi exhibits a variety of beauty products which range from body make up accessories to face make up, make up removers, nail care, tattoos and body art to hair care products for women and men alike. Tigi shampoo comes in the following range: Tigi Brunette Goddess Shampoo is bundled with powerful nutrients that give your hair vigour and vitality. It makes you personify into a brunette goddess. Enjoy being the lady with black tresses.

Tigi Bed Head Control Freak Shampoo gives a rich lather and charismatic fragrance that ignites your instincts. Get ready to handle your favourite hairstyle as frizz-free hair. Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo. Don’t confuse this product as being just for blondes as the name suggests, but it’s also for redheads and brunettes alike. Dumb Blonde Shampoo moisturises your hair, making it shine to glory. Tigi Foxy Curls Shampoo – This product is free from sulphate and helps re-define curls and fight frizz. Don’t be surprised when heads turns towards you in admiration as you show off your lovely hair curls.

Tigi Moisture Maniac Shampoo – The rich and creamy lather derived from this product application seems to pamper your hair from the start till the end making it look silky and gorgeous. Tigi Self Absorbed Mega Vitamin Shampoo. Certain vitamins, minerals and amino-acids are essential in keeping your hair healthy and nourished. The self absorbed mix of mega vitamins A, B2, B5, D3 and E derived from this product helps repair damaged, brittle or chemically treated hair and make it look physically fit. Tigi Bed Head Superstar Shampoo – This shampoo helps protect your coloured hair and also to retain your hairs’ natural colour. Proteins and nutrient rich oils strengthen hair and lead them to vigour and shine.

Jennifer Summers has been advising on Tigi Bed Head Shampoo for the last 5 years giving clients an in-depth knowledge and guiding them on how to get the best for their hair from using Bed Head Hair Shampoo.


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