Keys to Making Relationships Work

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Good relationships are definitely good sources of happiness in this life, especially if it concerns a romantic relationship or if it involves marriage, as this is a foundation of building one good and happy family. We may have found the right person and there may be lots of love, but if we fail in making relationships work, life may not be as happy as we think it would be.

We all want happy and fulfilling relationships and but if we do not keep that relationship alive, it can also be one of the most distressing things in life. Many of us may have gone through heartbreaks or some may have ended up in a divorce. Although heartbreaks are normal in dating, it can be somehow frustrating to think that we have finally found Mr. Right, married him but eventually ended up in a divorce.

From my experiences in life and from the many books that I have read about relationships, I have been trying to have a guide in making relationships work. There may be no hard and fast rules in making good relationships, as each of us has different preferences and points of view as to what is a great relationship, but I have found these two major key players in making relationships work.


It is often said that building good relationships is all about communication. Even if you are just starting out with dating, communication plays a major role in finding your perfect partner. Good communication indeed governs a good relationship – knowing the right thing to say, when to say it, how to say it, and accepting that some things that are better left unsaid.

I remembered one friend who confided in me how he was shocked to find out about huge credit card debts that his wife has incurred without his knowledge. He said he never felt so betrayed in his married life than a wife not telling him of her splurges in spending. Worst, it led to more marriage conflicts and divorce.

Truly, a gap in communication can bring a relationship down, and especially for married couples, I personally think communication must be broadened because building a family involves more decisions to make. From finances to religion, from intimacies to child responsibility and even in things about yourself or about your partner that you do not know, communication is essential in these aspects of the relationships.

Mutual Respect and Support for Each Other

Of course, being with someone is not saying that you totally agree with him all the time. You and your partner come from different family backgrounds, raised in different environments so there may be disagreements here and there. However, it is important in making relationships work to express disagreements without pushing the relationship to end. Again, good communication and learning to compromise at times are essential.

As the relationship lasts longer, you may also discover things about you and your partner that you may not have known before. Therefore, supporting each other on both your ‘hidden selves’ can also make a mature relationship.

Love is an important aspect of building relationships and for me, I always believe that love needs to be complemented with open communication, mutual respect, support and understanding in making relationships work. You can then work on the small things that spice up your marriage or your romantic relationship to make it more fun and interesting.

Carolyn Anderson is a freelance author who loves to write about love and relationships. For some ideas on good relationships, check out 1000 Questions For Couples. For married couples, Keep Your Marriage can be a guide to making marriage work.

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