Kids and Jobs: What Age Is Too Young?

January 10, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Kids and Teens

Most children probably start thinking about getting a job when they get interested in dating and needing extra money for gas and such. That would most often be around the age of fifteen or sixteen years old. Employers start to look at kids this age as they might be able to do jobs in fast food restaurants, movie theaters, and places like that. What then, do children younger than that do if they are also interested in finding a job as most companies wont hire that young?

Young teens probably are not best suited for real jobs yet and they need to find something where they can make some extra money but not feel they are working too hard. They need to figure out ways to get paid for doing chores around the house or for neighbors. Their parents can help them brainstorm for good ideas that will make them extra money during the summer. Selling golf balls they find on a course comes to mind as one possibility.

A young child that is made to be creative and come up with some money making ideas of their own will probably benefit from the experience in the long run. An entrepreneurial spirit will emerge in some of these children that will serve them well when they get older. It will also force them to get out of the house and try to discover things they can do or talents that they have that can be turned into a job that makes money.

When kids grow to an age where they are interested in starting to make money, it is best to supply them with fun money making ideas. This is because at a young age you want kids to learn how to work and be responsible but not have it be a negative experience. Kids need to have fun and learn at the same time. That is why most parents start their kids out with a lemonade stand or something along those lines. As kids grow into teens, they often have car washes to raise money for a certain cause and they have fun doing that. It is important for kids and teens to have fun while they are young and learn values at the same time.

Teens that are old enough to get real jobs have hopefully started early this year, as jobs are scarce now. Anyone who has a lot of connections or went out and made some connections will have the upper hand when it comes to getting hired. Unfortunately, there will probably not be enough jobs to go around and so hopefully those that dont get one will find a constructive way to spend their time.

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