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An organisation that provides assistance to people otherwise unable to afford legal representation and access to the court system is called Legal Aid. It provides the justice by ensuring right to the counsel, equality before the law and the right to fair trial. Legal aid has different sides including duty lawyers, community legal clinics and the paid lawyers to deal with individual cases. To get guaranteed equal access to justice for all, Legal aid is most essential, mostly for those citizens who do not have sufficient financial supports. Legal aid has the provision to the clients by governments will increase the likelihood by court proceedings for free (or at a lower cost) or of receiving any financial aid being assisted by
Legal professionals.

In democracy access to justice is important and an essential issue. Our rights and responsibilities become worthless unless those are fully observed and ensured by law and the courts in order. In developed societies legal aid become an essential components in the elements for those who cannot access to justice.
Not only has the use of a lawyer, solicitor or legal advisor but also legal help meant to have the ability to uphold legal rights. Although the lawyer, solicitor or legal advisor makes themselves a important issue for legal helps.
Earlier times legal aid has its roots in the right to a fair trial movement in European countries in 19th century. Who could not able to pay for solicitor “Poor man’s laws” provided the appointment of duty solicitors for them and wiped out court fees. Many European countries in the 20th century had no formal approach to legal aid and the charity of lawyers was the only trust for poor people. Most of countries went for payment of average fees to duty solicitor to establish the laws. By demand lawyer costs in judicial proceedings requiring a lawyer was restricted for legal aid. In the 20th century legal get modified with some progressive liberal principles. Quite often some members of the legal profession realized their responsibility to help those people who are low of income.
In the city of Kolkata, we can easily get legal advice from several legal advisor or practitioners. Among of that Legal Aid is the most trusted name in the field of right legal services and solutions in Kolkata. Their aim is to provide cost-effective legal services to their clients from multiple forums by solving their legal problems. They are the most renounced law firm in Kolkata with a wide range of well-experienced and familiar legal advisors in the field of corporate and commercial sector to deliver strong and diverse legal services to the clients upgrading the standard of quality legal services.
Legal Aid provides their Legal Advice Kolkata in different fields to ensure top ranks with their uniqueness and reliability. Some of Their area of practices is;
1 Corporate Laws
2 Civil Disputes
3 Banking Laws
4 Commercial Litigation
5 Labor Laws
6 Constitutional laws
7 Hospitality & Health Care Law
8 Real Estate and Land laws

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