Life Skills Empower Teens to Make Smart Decisions

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Decisions about friends, parents, school, studying, college, and future careers can all weigh heavily on a teenager. Sometimes these decisions are influenced by outside factors like peer pressure and hormones. These sorts of decisions are not always easy to thwart. Other times, decisions are reached using a teenager’s best judgment and limited life experience. Many parents may agree, not every situation falls into a black and white area; sometimes a frame of reference is needed to help push teens along the right moral path.

Though parents have determined the answers to these questions through self-discovery and life experience, teenagers lack the knowledge and experience to decide what is best for them without hesitation. With hormones running high and peer pressure at its most influential peak, sometimes the sage advice of a knowing parent goes unheard and a teenager may flounder in their indecision over important teen issues.

So, how can a teen gain these important bastions of personal excellence? SuperCamp, a leading academic summer camp that teaches learning and life skills, provides The 8 Keys of Excellence for its campers. The goal is to empower teens with the ability to make competent decisions that will not only affect their academic futures, but their interaction with family, friends, teachers, and co-workers.

Teenagers lack the experience that adults have when encountering ethical challenges. Because teen issues often involve conflict between peers, family, or teachers, it is important for a teen to have a strong foundation to reference in times of moral indecision and confusion. This will empower a teen and allow them to feel in control of their own destinies, which will also cause them to be happier overall with the quality of their lives.

SuperCamp, an academic summer camp that teaches learning and life skills, uses the 8 Keys of Excellence to help kids and teens navigate through these moral and academic dilemmas. It ultimately allows students to make competent decisions without hesitation when it comes to something that goes against their own personal standard of excellence.

Social interaction and academia are the two most prominent issues in a teen’s life, both of which can shape their futures and change the direction of their lives. A teenager may look to their peers for guidance, but without a frame of reference they can be easily swayed by more dominant-and sometimes unwise-opinions. The 8 Keys can be applied to every situation in a child, teen, or adult’s life and provide direction whenever the proper course of action is unsure.

Teenagers who ascribe to the 8 Key may find themselves in a situation that deals with peer pressure, bullying, or gossip, but will be much better equipped to handle it. SuperCamp believes Everything Speaks, which means that everything a teenager does, from the things they say to the effort they put into their actions, has an impact on their lives. When a teenager is aware of the consequences of their actions, they have a better chance of making a decision that will not have a lasting negative impact on their lives or futures.

Teenagers in charge of their own destinies will be teenagers that will excel in future situations, careers, and life goals. Any teen can reach their dreams and maximize their interactions with others using a good character compass that will help them lead the way.

SuperCamp’s summer programs have provided kids and teens with the learning and life skills they need to be successful for over 27 years. Want to learn more ways SuperCamp canhelp your son or daughter in school and life? Discover 10 Easy Ways to Study More Effectively with our free study skills report.

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