Magnetic Field Exposure and Cancer: Is There a Link?

January 10, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Cancer

People go to great lengths to reduce cancer risks for themselves and their families. Eating right, exercising, avoiding exposure to certain workplace chemicals can all go far in lowering the odds of various forms of this disease developing. Reducing exposure to electric and magnetic fields, however, may not have a tremendous impact, researchers are finding.

Electric and magnetic fields are commonly found in homes, neighborhoods and just about anywhere people go. These invisible areas of energy are produced by the movement of electricity through a wire. Often manmade, this is not always the case. The earth’s magnetic field, for example, is naturally occurring.

While it was once believed that electric and management fields might dramatically increase risk of certain forms of cancer, a number of studies have indicated this is not the case. Early epidemiological studies raised the possibility, especially related to childhood cancer, but most subsequent studies have found no such link. The issue, however, remains under study.

So far, researchers have found no mechanism by which electric or magnetic fields could actually cause cancer. Unlike radiation, magnetism and electricity are non-ionizing and are unable to damage cell DNA directly. While some studies have indicated a possible link between extremely high exposure to electric fields and certain childhood cancers, the findings are not definitive.

So, what does all of it mean to families eager to lower their cancer risks? The bottom line, researchers say, is that lowering exposure to electronics, power lines, and other appliances isn’t likely to lower the odds of cancer developing. Eating right, exercising and making smart lifestyle choices, however, can go a long way.

Families concerns about cancer and cancer risks are urged to work with their healthcare providers to identify known risks and eliminate them. While it’s not always possible to prevent cancer, it is feasible to lower the odds for many forms of the disease by taking simple actions.

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