Medical Breakthroughs for the Treatment of Cancer

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Medical patients, researchers, journalists, parliamentarians, and the whole world is waiting for advances in science, along with the media of scientific progress and exciting to possibly misleading. Our society is hungry for news and reports covering the design time. May not be able to help people who have families and cancer, new findings quickly to control the situation in laboratory experiments. However, the clinical development. (The direct impact to patient care, slow and often “by inches”

Many came to see me with a newspaper or magazine clippings touting miracle healing or articles from journals in medical report new treatment regimen. Excellent personal and family costs, people tend to seek treatment in a Reality is not better than standard treatment. Many people with cancer in the State of – art should not be treated with success. understandably, is desperate However, premature development of new technical presentations or scientific discoveries. – Either by the popular media or in medical and scientific journals – is Unfortunate because there is no reason to create hope. Careful clinical research will need to prove that one treatment over another. To quote my new colleagues about the treatment we should “The test does not tout it.”

Articles submitted to medical journals prudent to check on the ground. Before the publication of the article published in the monitoring of these pairs – Journal of General Pre reliably transmitted equal Revised Although the article could be better. If the articles in medical journals jour sounds interesting, check carefully fully, but not too much news on the Internet or store not agree with press releases, a doctor first.

Many important advances in treatment have resulted in clinical studies, and many of the current treatment is a direct result of clinical research. But many questions remain as response, such as the following questions:

– A regime chemotherapeutic. Best for each cancer? – What is the timing of radiation therapy and adjutant therapy? – What is the most specific end of the treatment? – Can reduce the late effects of treatment will be edited by? – The complete novel treatment that may be used to maintain performance standards effective? Crucially important questions such as this is a significant number of national and international clinical trials, since the Support from the Cooperative Group and National Cancer Institute.

If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial with your doctor or cancer. Center can tell you the trial, the Appropriate, if not the best place to find out the National Cancer Institute’s PDQ-find medical information, including information on advanced treatment. Accepted various cancers related to ongoing clinical research.

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