Now is the Time to Be a Book Reviewer

January 10, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Book Reviews

Many avid readers have been interested in trying to be a book reviewer, but it isn’t easy to take the plunge and become a book reviewer. It is a lot of hard work and effort. With Amazon changing the self-publishing world, book reviewers are in such high demand that there just aren’t enough of them to keep up. There are books and money to be made as a book reviewer, especially if you can start now. It is easier than you could ever imagine.

To be or not to be a book reviewer that is the question. It is a great career move and looks great on a resume. Basically you are telling employers you are internet savvy, are a go getter, and have a good work ethic. It is hard to be a quality reviewer, but anyone can do it. And now is the time to start.
Amazon has changed the field of reviewing and books in general. Book reviews are needed to sort through the pile of books growing on my ereader. What do I choose? That’s where you come in. You can help me make the right decision about what to read. It is a big responsibility, but I need help. Millions of books are published annually and you can sort through the stack for reviewers.

The best part is the money and the books when you start to be a book reviewer. Authors and publishers start throwing copies of books your way. Eventually you’ll have such a high stack that you won’t be able to get through it. Then you’ll need help; so get some friends to help out.

If you are getting to the point where you have more than one author you could probably start thinking about advertising. Advertising is a great way to make some pocket money (or more) and make your site into more of a magazine style.

It is easy to get started as an amateur book reviewer on sites like or They are good platforms to make your work look professional. If you want to go further get your own URL and your own web host. This gives you ultimate control in your goal to be a book reviewer.
So if you decide to be a book reviewer you really need to get to work. It is easy to make the place and find the books. The hard part is finding readers. This takes time and hard work. Lots of leg work and networking with other blogs. So get started today and next year you’ll be rolling in books and the year after that you’ll be rolling in pocket money. After that, who knows. You could be doing much better. Just remember to have fun.

Sammy is an avid book reader. She is a book reviewer who has built several book review blogs and websites. She is currently working towards having her book published and learning to be a book reviewer who writes amazing reviews. Come take a look on Bookkus to be a book reviewer.
Sammy believes in honest book reviews and writing them from the heart. She knows that emotion is the best way to write reviews and people enjoy them more when written with a bit of heart. Come learn more about being a book reviewer on Bookkus Publishing


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