Parenting Tips – Ten Birthday Gifts That Can Make Your Kids Happy

January 10, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Kids and Teens

Everyone loves a special gift on their birthday: especially our kids! Fortunately, there are many gifts you can buy for your kids on their birthday without having to spend so much – here are ten of the best.

Art supplies. Children enjoy different kinds of supplies for drawing and painting, such as water color paints, crayons, chalk, gel pens, colored art paper, scissors, rubber stamps, coloring books and even “how to” books that teach kids to do calligraphy, origami or other art projects. Buying a set of art supplies will not only help your children develop their creative skills and make them use their imagination, but could also give you fulfillment as you help them make the most out of them.

Books are a versatile gift for children of all ages – your toddlers will enjoy squeaky books or talking books, preschoolers would prefer short children’s stories, pre-teeners may go for adventure books, while your teens will definitely enjoy a longer novel such as the Twilight series. And better yet, you can make reading more productive by buying your kids books relating to their potential careers or their current hobbies.

A classic movie, which never goes out of style, great for when friends come over, or on that day when they are bored and nothing else could help.

If you have boys aged 10 and above, you can buy them a tool kit so they can bond with their dad while working around the house, and maybe even learn a skill for life.

Beads are a great gift for girls in their pre-teens or thereabouts. Make sure you buy different colors and shapes to add to their hours of amusement.

Your little one who loves cooking can spend productive time with a simple cooking setup – some sugar cookie dough, a rolling pin and a few cookie cutters. They’ll enjoy getting their start in cooking and sharing their creations with family and friends alike. With a plastic watering can, seeds and about three or four pots with potting soil, your little nature lover can develop a green thumb of his or her own, taking care of the plants and having fun while at it. Your child would want to have his/her own party – how about buying a camera for the occasion? And if you can afford it, you may even buy a picture album, thus setting your child off to preserve memories of his/her birthday. A basket of fun: find an inexpensive basket, or another container, maybe a pail for kids and fill it with fun, cheap stuff. Throw in some variety – Silly Putty, Sidewalk Chalk, a water gun – the choice is all yours. Depending whether your child is a boy or a girl, you can add other miscellany like toy cars or hair accessories. Finish it off with some candy or a pez dispenser and you have a fun gift. If you find some fun, small things that most kids think are neat, pick up a bunch so that at any time you have a supply of items to mix and match for a birthday. The last gift you can give your kids may start out as something intangible. This may mean more to your kid as any visible gift he or she may desire – all it takes is one day with them, which could go a long, long way.

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