Podcasting And How It Could Help Educators

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Stroll across any school campus these days and you’ll see iPods, MP3 players and other types of portable media devices everywhere you look. And because today’s students often have these high-end gadgets as part of their daily lives, many educators are looking to use this technology through the power of podcasting.

Podcasting for educators is the latest trend in teaching, and a great way for students to learn in a non-traditional, yet effective fashion. Podcasts give students access to high-quality audio like what you’d hear on the radio, and allow them to access the audio anytime, even when they aren’t connected to a computer. If you happen to be a professor or teacher who wants to use podcasting for educators as a teaching tool, here is some additional, nice-to-know information about this technology that you should take note of before introducing it to your curriculum.

Freshmen at certain universities were the first to benefit from lectures discussed via podcasts, as their professors handed them iPods to use for these. At the K-12 level, teachers are just starting to explore the possibilities. However, converting a boring classroom lecture into exciting online audio is just one small part of this use of podcasting. There are other educators who use podcasts in different ways, such as using them for PowerPoint presentations, or to convert FAQ’s or frequently asked questions, or even to help students work on their vocabulary. If a student wants to interact with his or her instructor or classmate, he or she can also do this via podcast. At the end of the day, students and teachers can both interact more fluidly with each other through a medium that young and old alike find interesting and useful.

Parents also benefit from podcasting as it allows them to take a more active role in the children’s education. They can find out how their children are doing with their subjects and get important announcements from the school by setting up their computers to capture school podcasts.

Podcasting for educators, however, is most effective due to the following reason. Teachers can reach out to their students with a teaching medium that not only is “cool”, but also can help towards their learning. It is such a simple form of technology that could help a student’s education in so many ways. Let this serve as an invitation for other educators to stop thinking of electronic gadgets as a hindrance to effective studying, and start thinking of them as a neat way to get the curriculum across.

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