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A couple of years ago, the only people who were able to make money online were those who sold products through business websites or those who had their own professional ad filled blogs. But given the rise of new generation websites, people can now make money online even without selling products or owning a killer business website.

Many contract work websites have been founded which let companies place jobs which they need to outsource; if you’re looking to get started making money online as a freelancer, these sites are the best place to begin. Odesk, Getafreelancer, Getacoder, Guru and Elance allow freelance workers and businesses to match up for projects, letting those interested in working from home to make money online. They are essentially like eBay, but service providers bid on jobs which they’d like to be hired to do.

If you’re looking to make a career of making money online and work at home or are just looking for some supplementary income, these sites are the best places to start. These sites feature different types of work from home contract jobs, with the most common being web design, programming, graphic design and other coding work. There are also a lot of open projects for writers, data entry, translators, researchers and virtual assistants. You can even find open jobs posted for legal, accounting and other professional services.

If youre interested in working at home, then you should focus on something which is one of your areas of expertise. Just like a traditional job, the companies posting these work from home jobs are looking for professional quality work, so you need to be skilled in the services you provide if you want to be successful in making money online as a freelancer.

These contract work sites vary in cost, number of projects available, fee charges, features and usability. Some sites may require membership fees to be able to gain access and bid on certain high paying projects. As different websites suit different preferences and needs, it is important to explore or at least seek more information and recommendations on these websites before choosing a contract work site.

These contract work sites generally feature hundreds of different projects posted in each job category, but keep in mind that there are usually thousands of people eager to bid on these projects. If the site allows you to do so, you need to create a profile for yourself that will make you stand out from the crowd. You should include your portfolio, a brief biography, some samples of your work and if applicable, some links to websites where your work can be seen. There is usually a feature on these sites which allows service buyers to leaver feedback for the service providers, so any buyer you bid with can look at your profile and see how other buyers have rated your work in the past.

All of the contract sites work just a little differently, but they all have the same mission – allowing buyers to find service providers who can get the job done. You can make money at home online through these sites and since the website takes care of hiring, communications and usually payment as well, both the buyer and the seller are protected from being defrauded.

While there are plenty of ways to make money online, scams still exist making it hard to tell what is real from what is not. With these contract work sites however, providers can make money online by finding genuine work from home opportunities, as long as they are willing to invest effort and time.

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