Reasons Why Sun Country Airlines Offers More To You

January 10, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Travel and Leisure

Based out of St. Paul Minnesota, Sun Country Airlines is a small air carrier with flights in the US as well as The Caribbean and Mexico. They may be small but they pack a big wallop when it comes to winning industry awards every year. They have also fought hard to be recognized as an airline that offers tremendous service that people will not break your budget. One example of this is that Sun Country has earned a spot in the top ten Travel and Leisure for four straight years. For four straight years Sun Country Airlines has been among the top ten in Travel & Leisure. Travel & Leisure has listed Sun Country among its top ten for four years running. For four years running Sun Country Airlines has been awarded a top ten position in Travel & Leisure. But that is not all – Conde Nast Traveler has chosen Sun Country Airlines for top honors for three years in a row. This article will offer you a glimpse into this amazing airline that is all about treating customers right.

Only 33 employees were on board when Sun Country first began scheduled flights. Yet they were all experienced airline people; having been working for Braniff Airlines prior to Sun Country. It was truly a group effort because the air and flight attendant crews all helped with various jobs. That is what can happen when a group of people are determined to make something happen. Their profitability did not take long at all, and it in fact happened very quickly in several months.

Their aircraft are all known to be highly fuel efficient and friendly to the environment. This reflects the basic attitude they have toward helping the environment stay as healthy as possible. Their fleet of aircraft is considered “current generation” which makes them as fuel efficient as possible. The planes used in their fleet are also known to be quiet and eco-friendly in terms of noise. The Boeing 737NG is used exclusively in Sun Country’s fleet, and that is considered an eco-friendly aircraft. The 737NG is known to have a very low profile for carbon emissions.

In a bid to offer more to their customers, Sun Country Vacations was launched not too long ago. The entire purpose of Sun Country Vacations is to provide even more convenience for their passengers. What that means to air travelers is they can book all they need for their traveling at one time. Other successful programs include Sun Country Charters which is their exclusive chartering service for groups as well as leasing.

The fact that the latest round of difficulties for Sun Country Airlines has been resolved with creditors and the courts attests to the optimism felt for this airline’s success. The high degree of confidence and motivation will only work to bring Sun Country back as soon as possible. The reason they know what action to pursue is a result of their vast aviation experience. We all know that the global economic state was created by external factors totally separate from how they ran their operations. But when given the chance to shine and succeed, Sun Country Airlines knows how to do that.

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