Safety and accurate dispensing with Hygienic hose

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For more than 20 years, Trelleborg has developed a huge program of recommendations of connection system using Hygienic hose, Petrochemical Hose and Trelleborg Hose. That is the assembly solution with pipe linking the short system instructions and training program. For each pipe and each application, Trelleborg designs and fully tests the connection system to ensure full compatibility with the existing facilities with Hygienic hose, Petrochemical Hose and Trelleborg Hose. Trelleborg provides stamping very specific instructions to offer the best connecting systems. Trelleborg runs the training program to ensure high quality products to their distribution partners. The benefits of all these solutions of pipe of the assembly are shown in terms of quality, hygiene, safety and efficiency. The compound which is used in the manufacture of certain types of building (rubber-coated fabrics), the pipe and coverage is of superior quality. The compound consists of elastomers such as natural rubber, synthetic elastomers. The vulcanization system contains vulcanization (sulphur) agent, activators, accelerators and it uses reinforcing filler such as carbon black, silica, etc. The additive inert used is chalk and protection agents. The softeners are oil. The proportion of each of these elements will determine the characteristics of properties (flexibility, strength, etc.) of the pipe and also the compound resulting in superior quality Food and Drink Hose, Petrochemical Hose and Trelleborg Hose.

The quality and safety matters while dispensing.

The inner tube is in contact with the transported products and must therefore meet certain requirements in terms of permeability, resistance to high and low temperature resistance, resistance to abrasion, electrical, food properties, fluid, etc. The inner tube is manufactured using a specific compound to each pipe. This building gives its strength for pipe pressure and depression. It is made up of textile yarn or metal, fabric, fabric coated with rubber, bracing wire, plastic rod, etc. The cover is exposed to external constraints. In accordance with the terms of use, it must resist ozone, UV radiation, temperatures, pulverized, abrasion, etc. As the tube, the cover is manufactured using a specific compound to each pipe. Some pipes have the coloured bands produced by coextrusion. The aspects of the cover are soft, fabric printing. Most of the pipes are identified by the brand image that gives the name of the pipe, the Trelleborg brand name and, if applicable, various characteristics that meet the requirements for standardized identification in reference to the standard pressure of service, quality of food, maximum service temperatures, etc. Vulcanization of rubber compound gives its final characteristics such as elasticity, resistance to liquids, abrasion, temperature, etc. It makes all the components of pipe (inner tube, building and cover) finally solid. Vulcanization is carried out with steam under pressure in autoclaves horizontal or vertical, at a temperature between 140 ° C and 170 ° C for 20-50 minutes. It is to be noted that these products ensure international standard and the quality along with all the safety measure required as per the international guidelines. The products are available in a customer friendly price which is affordable to everybody.

The above descriptions give the informations regarding the Hygienic hose, Petrochemical Hose and Trelleborg Hose which are used for accurate dispensing.

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