Save On Electricity ? The Hows And The Whys Answered!

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Climatic shifts today are the alarm bells for an impending showdown between nature and the human species soon. While many of us might not be that concerned, the experts, however, have a different view. According to them, unless comprehensive measures are taken in the present scenario, the future is going to be certainly bleak.

These are difficult times indeed. However, the solutions are very simple. It only needs for us to pay, heed and comply towards ensuring a judicious and more efficient use of natural resources. We all can contribute to this many needed global cleanups simply by learning to save on electricity.

Look very carefully at your home setup and you will be able to identify some obvious misuse of electricity. This is what the experts meant when they were taking about actions at the grass-root level. While we surround ourselves with electric gadgets at our homes and workplaces, the wastage of power, still remains the key area where small but concrete actions can be taken to save on electricity. This does not necessarily mean that we have to shut down our air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators and other appliances unconditionally and go back to the stone ages. No, it simply requires some commonsense and restraint from our part so that we can save on electricity successfully.

Air conditioners are a necessity today. However, they also happen to consume a good amount of electricity. So, what can one do here? It is quite simple really. A two-ton AC, which is generally preferred over its one-ton variant, is only useful for larger room sizes. For smaller sized rooms, its efficiency becomes superfluous and falls drastically. Thus, always opt for a one-ton AC if you live in apartments, as it will not only save on electricity but also cool the room appreciably.

Similarly, you need not run the AC all the time to keep a room cool. Try running it in the sleep mode and you will significantly save on electricity. Follow the same rules for electrical heaters during winters. Opt for inverters instead of generators for power backup. Your electricity bill can be reduced to three-fifths of its value by following these solutions alone.

A common scenario in any household is the fridge that hardly ever seems to get any rest. This is another reason why the working-class population is not able to save on electricity. In addition, many people are unaware of the fact that an ordinary refrigerator consumes more electric power than any other similar appliance in the kitchen if you take into account the total time of usage.

Keeping the frequency of opening and closing of the fridge doors to a minimum will result in reduced utility bills. Furthermore, you will gain a lot in efficiency and power savings, if you place the fridge away from the walls.

The options are endless when it comes to reducing electric consumption. You could save at least three fifth of the full power consumed daily, by replacing all high-voltage lights with CFL fittings. Over this, a switch from electric to gas stoves will inadvertently save on electricity.

While these steps are for everyone to apply in their domestic lives, there are other holistic approaches that could be applied. By embracing newer homemade electric production technologies such as magnetic motors, solar power generators and wind turbines, you can reduce the total electricity dependency over power grids thereby bringing in more control over your energy usage.

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