Summer Enrichment Programs Make Learning Matter for Teens

January 10, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Kids and Teens

Students who can not find merit in the content they learn will be students who lose retention of that knowledge after their next exam. Traditional classrooms present information in a way that can be easily remembered for testing purposes, but often fail in keeping a student connected to the content outside of the classroom. Without this connection, students will not feel motivated to give their best effort.

Summer enrichment programs are the answer! Unlike run-of-the-mill summer camps, summer enrichment programs present fundamental learning and life skills through enjoyable group settings and activities designed to cater to a student’s learning style. Without realizing it, kids and teens will make the correlation between their school work and their futures and receive the encouragement they need to look for satisfaction in learning.

A student will attain full comprehension when he or she can apply the learned content to his or her own lives. If they are unable to find value in a piece of information, they will discard it as soon as they leave an academic setting. For many kids and teens, value equals enjoyment. Summer enrichment programs like SuperCamp tap a variety of different techniques intended to let kids learn while having fun. Creative mnemonic stories and relaxed group learning environments are just a few of the ways SuperCamp grabs the attentions of teens and kids for the purpose of learning.

Summer enrichment programs like SuperCamp endeavor to give students the skills they need to excel at whatever they choose. This is not limited to simply academics; many skills that will assist a child in school will also help them in future social interactions and careers. SuperCamp uses realistic scenarios to help kids make the connection to learning on their own while making it worthwhile.

Everything Speaks is a concept that SuperCamp emphasizes with its campers. Put simply, everything a person does, from studying for a test, to interacting with a teacher, to listening carefully to a peer, can have an effect on their environment and the end result. Whatever situation a student is in, it should be approached with care and consideration.

A summer enrichment program will diversify a student’s academic skills, raise their test scores and grades, make them aware of their individual learning styles, enhance their capability for problem-solving and creative thinking, and help them gain more self-confidence and motivation. By surrounding themselves with successful endeavors, students will gain positive attitudes and realize that their dreams and aspirations are within their grasps.

Any student can pilot their own learning experience with the tools they learn at SuperCamp. Unlike many summer camps, summer enrichment programs can make a difference not just in their personal lives, but in their academic futures and careers. They will form the connection between learning and enjoyment and ultimately change their lives.

SuperCamp’s summer enrichment camps have been enhancing the lives of kids and teens for over 27 years. Want to learn more ways SuperCamp can benefit your kids in school and life? Learn about 10 Ways to Study More Effectively with a free study skills report.


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