The Arts And Crafts Supplies To Keep Kids Busy On Rainy Days

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Being able to pull out an art project for the kids to at a moments notice is a great way to be able to tackle kids that complain of being bored and having not a thing to do. Having the arts and crafts supplies you need means collecting a few things to keep on hand all the time.

Colored construction paper can be fashioned into many things when kids get a hold of it. Keep a couple of packs on hand to give to your kids when they need a little rainy day activity. You might be surprised at just how long they will sit and make things from this paper.

Make sure to have glue sticks ready when you get out the construction paper. These sticks work well for gluing paper projects together. For other things like buttons, Popsicle sticks, and macaroni, you will need to buy white glue. Trying to use a glue stick for these things is a mistake.

Be certain you are with the kids when they use scissors, even the ones that are made for kids with plastic coating. You should make sure you cut out the things needed for the little ones projects. Stress the fact that scissors can be dangerous and there is to be no horseplay while using them.

Every kid loves to paint. Painting is a great way for expressing emotions and kids seem to be able to do this better than ever. Always choose the paint that is water based and is non toxic. You should also make sure to buy a supply of poster board for painting on. Before you know it, you will have quite the juvenile art gallery put together.

The recipe for homemade play dough is simple and has many variations. You can find these recipes online and make them from ingredients you probably have in your kitchen. Modeling clay is also another satisfying art form for kids. It is easy to handle and to clean up after. Look for clay like this in the crafts section of department stores.

Children sometimes need the stimulation they get from creating an art form all their own. Spending all their time playing with toys and video games while at home does get to be boring for them. Make sure you always have the arts and crafts supplies you need for them to be able to use their imagination.

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