The Benefits Of Attending College

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The idea behind college that a lot of high school graduates do not grasp is that college is not a simple extension of any prior education. But after we graduate from grammar school, then junior high then finally high school, college is more than the next step after, a place where we may be staying the next four years. But college is more than just high school intensified – rather, it serves as the missing link between our teenage years and adulthood, in more ways than just education. Think of college as a long and exciting road trip, where the final destination is irrelevant at the end of the day. What matters is that you enjoy the long, strange trip ahead.

You should go to college to meet people. But unlike meeting new people at the coffee shop or at the bar over a few drinks, the people you’d meet at college have their own set of interests. When you’re in college, you’ll notice there are certain types of people who take specific classes, which, in a way, is dictated by their behavior. Discover a niche and follow it along. It may be a passionate interest, or merely a passing one. Very few institutions will offer such benefits, especially from such a collective of varied minds and hearts. This experience will teach you to take risks and think out of the box, finding different ways to solve different problems. And as you set foot on new territory, always reach for the stars, cliche as it may sound.

Expand your network. Networking can help you go a long way regardless of your plans, once you meet the right people with similar ambitions or interests. These opportunities can pay off for you sooner than you think. Everybody needs someone else to help them out, inasmuch as self-sufficiency is important. Help those that help you, and vice versa.

Take note that nobody can accurately predict the future. You may want to know what lies ahead after you graduate from college, but you always have the room to relax whenever need may be. Study in whatever capacity your mind will allow. Don’t ignore your general ed classes, as this could help you revisit what you learned in high school. If a class piques your interest, enroll in it. You always don’t have to stick to the plan 100%. If a certain class intimidates you, why not enroll to see how you’ll do? Visit unchartered territory. You may excel in a certain subject but not be aware of it just yet. Bring it out into the open and exploit it to your hearts content.

Just keep busy. This means going to the library and borrowing random books, eating at restaurants or other places you wouldn’t normally eat at, and explore the campus in and out – and party, party, party as long as it doesn’t ruin your studies! Even when you decide to ease up on the reigns of your day, be sure to pull over to a stop along the corner coffee shop; because college extends beyond classes and education. College is a lifestyle in itself that continues to evolve. And the evolution keeps going on. And the idea will always remain the same: to reshape and to remold the prior mind. That’s right – you could be a brand new you once it’s all over with.

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