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In this world, various things happen every moment. Sometimes, these things are dangerous things that could affect the lives of man. As a result of this, people resort into protecting themselves. There are times when individuals get attacked by person(s) and at such moments, there could be no one to help them. In such situations, a person would have to save himself from the attacker(s), and might have to use physical combat to do so. Hence, people have begun to learn some fighting and defense techniques that would be of help when they are in danger or attacked by anyone. These fighting and defense techniques can be learnt through various arts like the Martial arts, judo, taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a combat sport, martial art and a system of self defense that places attention on grappling ground fighting. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was created from the ground fighting of kodokan judo and eventually became an art via practices, experiments and judo adaptation. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enhances the concept that smaller persons could successfully and completely defend against a stronger, heavier and bigger assailant via proper leverage, technique and also indulge in ground fighting. At such moment, they could chokehold and joint-lock to overpower the opponent. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training is also used for sports tournaments and such other competitions.

 Sparing and live drilling play important roles in training, and premiums are attached to performances in competitions that relate to ascension and progress via its ranking system. As a result of the numerous gains attached to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, people are advised to learn Brazilian Jiu jitsu as it is very advantageous. With the teachings gotten from the Brazilin Jiu Jitsu, a person is able to live in confidence, lacking no fear of being hurt as a result of attacks because he could easily defend himself. Apart from the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, another art of learning fighting and defense techniques is Martial arts


Martial arts are combat practices that are practiced for various reasons such as physical fitness, competition, self defense, spiritual and mental development, preservation of the cultural heritage of a nation and for entertainment.

Unarmed martial arts are under the umbrella of martial arts, and it can be grouped into:

1. Grappling: such as throwing ( wrestling, sumo, judo and hapkido), joint locks/submission holds/ chokeholds and pinning techniques ( wrestling and judo)

2. Strikes: such as kicking ( taekwondo, savate and capoeira), punching ( wing chun and boxing) and karate

The other branch of martial arts is the weapon based martial arts. These kinds of martial arts train armed combat with melee weapons such as polearms and bladed weapons.

Most martial art classes are for adults. However, there are Martial arts classes for kids. Here, kids are able to learn the art of martial arts so they can be able to protect themselves and also for competitions. There are also many martial arts centers over the world that offers Martial arts seminars. An example is the Martial arts seminars Sydney.

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