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Great looking hair that is really healthy and clean makes you feel better about yourself and makes you look healthier and cleaner to other people. Keeping your hair looking this way is important, and using good quality hair products such as shampoo and conditioner is vital. But when it’s time to buy your hair care products, how do you know which are the best ones to use?

High street products seem much more affordable and therefore giving you better value for money because of the low cost of high street hair products. Branded premium salon products can appear pricey with the average 300ml shampoo bottle priced at 5 times the cost ($ 20/10) of a regular high street shampoo ($ 4/2).

On just this kind of price comparison alone, it appears that the cheap high street hair products are the winners as you are getting 5 times as much product for the same cost, or the same amount of product for 1/5 the price of the salon professional hair care products.

When you look more closely at the comparison between the effectiveness and the quality of high street hair products and salon hair products, does the comparison end up in the favour of cheap hair care products, or do the cheaper high street products turn out to be a false economy?

To discover which in the long term out of cheap hair care products from the high street and professional salon hair care products proved the best value for money, we decided to test the products to find out how the high street hair products compare with the salon professional hair products.

In our test we compared a 300ml bottle of an average high street shampoo, and an equivalent 300ml bottle of salon professional shampoo. The high street shampoo needed about 50ml per application to clean the hair to our required standard, whereas the salon shampoo needed only 10ml per application to clean the hair to the same required standard.

Using 50ml per application, the average high street hair shampoo provides approximately 6 applications per 300ml bottle. With just 10ml used per application, the professional salon hair shampoo gives you around 30 applications per 300ml bottle. Doing a little math, the cost per applications are $ 0.64c/?0.32p for the cheap high street shampoo, and $ 0.66c/?0.33p for the salon professional shampoo.

Conclusion: although cheap hair care products initially seem a better deal and provide more value, in reality there is virtually no difference in price when it comes to the economics of professional salon hair care products. And? when you include the much higher quality, the greater effectiveness and visual results, and the deeper and more thorough cleansing and conditioning of salon hair care products, buying cheaper high street hair products in favour of salon hair products is a complete false economy.

About the author: Jennifer Summers can help you achieve great looking hair. She is a well of information on hair products, regularly providing valuable and informative hair care advice.
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