The Smart And Interesting Game Of Chess

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A game for the thinking person, chess has been a great way to pass the time and challenge the intellect. It is a strategy game of well planned moves and on the spot adjustment all along the way. Learning how to play is easier than most would imagine and can be fun for even grade school aged kids as well as adults of all ages.

The origins of chess stem from the Russian royalty and there need to pass the long winters and prepare for summer battles. A good way to while away the cold nights while sharpening the wits was just what the situation called for. The military men and the noble classes would use this metal agility tool to great advantage in wars that popped up throughout history.

The military men of Russia became increasingly fond of working at beating one another. Learning each and every time they played, they used the mock battles on the checkered board to help advance military planning for years to come. Even to this very day many people still keep their minds sharp by testing one another in mock battle after mock battle.

A following soon spread across the globe as chess leaked out of Russia and into the European countries. People world wide to the mock warfare as a form of recreation and metal training. The fun of taking on a friend or rival was appealing to thinkers everywhere and remains to this very day.

The pieces themselves all have a place in playing a sound game. Pawn are the front line and are limited but important in winning strategies. Knights have advantages in leaping other pieces while rooks and bishop go as far as the want on their given angles of movement. The crowning piece is always the queen and the king. The deadly and multifunctional cornerstones of game play is the the mighty queen. She can do it all on the board. However the king is limited to one space at a time and staying out of harms way at all costs.

There are also a few trick moves such as castling. Another way to gain advantage is to get a pawn all the way across the board to exchange it for a fallen companion. The key in all the moves is to gain a numbers or power advantage. Another way to win is simple to set a clever trap and lure the opponents king into checkmate. Checkmate require the king to have no moves and be in harms way, thus ending the game.

Wish so many challenges and levels of play chess holds a great deal of options for enjoyment. Practicing and increasing the competition level will add a new edge to any player. With each game a person plays they will grow sharper and wiser while having all kinds of fun in the process. Take the time to get started and enjoy the lifetime of fun.

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