Top Tips on How to Promote and Market Your Own Book

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Marketing is often not an author’s area of expertise, but it does not mean an author is incapable of learning how to successfully market a book. Too many authors drop the ball when it comes to marketing for they are unsure on how to proceed with the marketing process or they are intimidated with the idea of it. But who better to endorse your book then you? Here are a few easy tips on how to promote and market your book in today’s competitive environment. It shall give you an extra edge over the rest.

1.Find credible book reviewers.

A good book review generates more publicity than you are able to produce on your own. With today’s technology, one book review posted online has the potential to be seen by millions of people. So why wouldn’t you use book reviewers to promote your own book? Book reviews are a significant factor in boosting book sales. Therefore, they are a necessity in today’s market. But how do you find book reviewers? Online there are thousands of sites where book reviews are posted and read on a daily basis. Check out some of the book review sites. Read through the postings and narrow your choice to specific book reviewers that grab your attention. Contact these specific reviewers online and ask if anyone is interested in reviewing your book today.

2.Connect with local newspapers.

This simple task is a spark launching an entire successful marketing campaign. It is a necessary step creating a foundation for your overall marketing efforts. First, research your local newspapers and find out who are the writers composing book reviews. Most newspapers have contact information for writers readily available to the public on company websites. Once you find out who the reviewers are read their guidelines posted on the website, and if there are no guidelines, send a query first. Include a one page synopsis, contact information and, if available, a list of your prior publications. The public response to local newspapers is massive and you shall see the popularity of your book grow instantly.

3.Contact local bookstores.

Meet with your local bookstores and find out if they are interested in partnering for a “Meet and Greet with the Author” aka you. Present it with a clever marketing tie-in that the bookstore cannot refuse. For instance, if you have a children’s book, then create an appropriate event around kids. Make it fun, interactive, and hand out kid-friendly take home items for the event. You will find that after the kid leaves your event, he or she will share with friends, family and school teachers the fun they experienced via your take home item. Word about your book will spread like wildfire.

4.Create a blog.

A blog is a powerful tool skilled in reaching current and future fans without wasting effort of physically being in different locations at once. As mentioned above, the internet is used by millions of people a day; thus, you need to tap into that source and use it for marketing. Write a daily blog and encourage readers to contribute comments. Engage in 2-way dialogue with blog visitors for it shall be perceived as a positive effort stemming from you. This ensures visitors tell others about your blog. Before you know it, your blog visitors and reader base will increase before your eyes.

So if you keep in mind these tips on how to market your book then you will separate yourself from the rest of the book writers out on the market today. For more information about where to market your book or book reviews check out Review the Book today.


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