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Going on a family trip can be a great adventure but for young children it isn’t all fun and games. Most children get bored easily, especially when they are already excited and anxious about reaching a destination. Some parents have started using in-car DVD players and other types of technology to keep their children entertained on these road trips but a better solution does exist: arts and crafts for kids.

Why Choose Art Supplies for a Trip

Although that Sponge Bob DVD may do the trick and keep your child quiet for a little while, he or she is merely being passively entertained. The show isn’t providing any real mental stimulation and isn’t contributing to improved physical or intellectual development. It’s just a way to keep your little one occupied so you can focus on the road signs.

arts and crafts for kids are a better choice because they captivate your child more completely and actually do contribute to real improvements in overall performance. For example, some arts and crafts for kids can improve small motor movements and dexterity. Plus, these activities encourage children to be creative and to have fun during the trip. They can also still carry on conversations with the rest of the family which is a positive method of social bonding that passive television viewing can never replace.

Types of Supplies to Consider

When you’re looking at arts and crafts for kids that would be good choices for travel, there are several that come to mind. One of the most highly recommended are lacing cards. These are item-shaped cards which have small holes around the exterior of the shape. Kids can string colored laces through these holes to creatively embellish the card.

There are several benefits to using lacing cards. For one, your children will improve their hand and eye coordination and their small motor skills because getting those laces through the small holes isn’t as easy as you might think. Plus, it can be easy to do even over bumpy roads or in airplanes when not much room is available. They are also small and easy to slip into a carry on bag.

Other Good Reasons to Use Lacing Cards

As arts and crafts for kids, lacing cards have other advantages, too. For example, the cards can be instruments of learning. For example, Smalltime Child offers a set of lacing cards in the shape of insects. As the child works on each of these arts and crafts for kids, you can provide information about the type of bug or encourage your child to read about the bug in an encyclopedia.

Easy Travel Entertainment

Whether you choose lacing cards or some other type of arts and crafts kids for your next family trip, remember to choose something that has few parts which can be lost in the car or plane. Remember that you should choose arts and crafts for kids that are appropriate. You don’t want to have to worry about your child choking on beads while you’re focused on the road ahead.

Smalltime Child offers a great selection of arts and crafts for kids in addition to Toddler Toys . Check out our arts and crafts for kids today!

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